Thursday, May 22, 2014

Students Wheat Pasting Shout Outs on Damen Ave

Here are students in action. Jose, Maria, Antonio, Aaron, Berenice are pasting up the lino-block prints students made. Student portraits are "shouting out" slogans regarding their feelings about art. These were prompted by the issue of accessibility to art. If you don't have the money, can one enjoy the arts? What about art access in education?
Museum access?
Theater access?

How is art important to us? What do the students think about art in their lives?

The Shout Outs are pasted up on these generous businesses:
Firecat Projects
Red Door restaurant
Comfy Fitness
and Soutache

Remember that the artwork display is connected to the art exhibit called "It's Not Just Art"

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

'Zines - Student Voice in Educational Issues

Students often tell me about their frustration at not being heard. Adults make decisions about their education. They feel as if they do not have input regarding their own educational experience.

Public Education is experiencing reform and change. 
BUT what do the STUDENTS need? Who will hear them?

Guerrilla Students made 'zines about their viewpoints regarding a variety of current educational issues. Student generated a list of issues they are concerned about, then focused on a particular one they wanted to address. They researched multiple views of the issue, chose a personal stance, and created the 'zine to voice that stance.

Educational Issues addressed by students: Teacher Layoffs, School Lunches, Standardized Testing, TIF money, Budget Cuts, Inequity, Class Size, Appointed School Board, Student Activism, Tardy policies, Dehumanization, Longer School Days, Violence, Drugs, Loss of programs, Loss of the Arts, Poor or No supplies/books, etc..

"Zines are being distributed through a variety of means (stay tuned). Next week they will be displayed and given away at the Art Show "It's Not Just Art!" at Firecat Projects Gallery. May 22, 6pm - 10 pm. 2124 N. Damen, Chicago, IL.

Here they are.