Friday, October 31, 2014

Alex Meza-Untitled

When I was thinking of a design for my tag I just did the most basic thing, which was putting both of my initials together. I thought that it represents me very well for it and I are both simple. Some of the inspiration came from a book, I have no mouth and I must scream, in which the antagonist is named 'AM'. The name stands for Allied Mastercomputer then later turned to Adaptive Manipulator. The book was later turned into a video game. The design for the logo is what I used for my tag.

Artist Tag Vanessa Villanueva

I used a smooth and wavy text style for my initials and a small pumpkin underneath it. While creating my tag, I thought using my initials would be the best way to express my identity because it is a big part of my name and without them my name would sound funny. I also used a pumpkin because it is a symbol of my favorite holiday. It is my favorite holiday because of the horror movies and the pumpkin carving. The part of my identity I'm expressing is my name. When viewing my tag, I want the viewer to understand that I am easygoing and take things as they come or as they are.

El marker- Angel Ibarra

My image is a marker like a mop used to write on walls. My marker expressed my identity by being fast and reliable for the job. Marker, clean, yes I’m very organized and wild, creativity matters, ink is the rush in my veins for some adrenaline. It would be the other side of me because originally I’m calm. I want the viewer to understand that everybody has their own separate style, as different type of marker and color.

Artist Statement Omar Chavez

My image was of a gorilla. I picked it mostly because it seems similar to the word guerrilla. It expresses my identity by showing that I am as strong as a gorilla. I want people to know that I’m not physically as strong as a gorilla but mostly mentally as one.  I describe my artist self as someone who is able to express themselves through art. I want them to understand that you can still be strong even if it isn't physically.

Artist Statement Luis Gutierrez

        My image is a spray can with my initials on the top of the lid of the spray can.

It represents me because I like doing graffiti and its easier using a spray can for me than drawing on paper. This identity of me is the secret side to me. No one else really knows I do graffiti. I describe myself as a risk taker because if i get caught doing this I can get in serious trouble. I want them to understand that that’s how I express myself and get things out of my head.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Artist Tag Nayara Angeles

Nayara Angeles
1st period.
                                         Artist statement

My image indicates my mother’s name in Arabic letters. The reason I chose it was because I have it tattooed on my shoulder blade. My mother means a lot to me and I thought it was a great idea since right now we became really close. My mother will be getting surgery because of her uterus and that’s what inspired me to do it and keep my mind positive that everything is going to turn out excellent! This represents me as her daughter; I want my mother forever with me. My mother has been there for me through good and bad so she means a lot to me and represents a big part of my life. I want my viewers to know when they see my tag that they are not only some words put on a paper there is always a story within something put on paper.

Artist Tag- Marco Martinez


My image of the owl indicates that I’m a person that loves the dark. I prefer going out in the night than in the morning. I’m a night person. Also the eyes of the owl indicate a camera because owls have good vision and I love to photograph the city, go at night, and just release my stress by photographing my city. In the morning I sleep and at night I come out like an owl. My camera is my eyes and we both like the dark.

Artist tag- Desiree Fountain

My image is a volleyball. The reason as to why I chose this is because it expresses my identity. It expresses my identity because its what I love to do, its my passion and what I live for 24/7. When a viewer sees my tag what I want them to understand is how dedicated I am to volleyball, and how much it really means to me. Volleyball is my escape, my stress reliever. Its good having teammates that care and love you. I would do anything to continue to play volleyball in college. It just makes me happy.

Horns Handprint Tag - Isair Carmen

My tag is a handprint version of the metal horns, I chose this because metal music has been a huge part of my life ever since I was a kid and represents the edgy side of me that most people don't get to see. I wanted to let people who see my work to know that my art is edgy, but has a deep meaning behind it. When people see my tag they'll think edgy, metal, and view art that will make them look past their standard views and challenge them to understand another point of view.

Karina Arciga: "The Violin"

My artist tag is a violin with my nick name over it. Not everyone I know calls me by that nick name only my family so it’s an important thing to who I am. The violin expresses me because I love to play the violin. When I play it I’m very peaceful and happy. The violin also signifies my love for music in general. When I play the violin I’m a different person I feel. I am usually a talkative, loud, and funny girl but when I’m into my music of when I’m playing the violin, I’m attentive and I’m patient with my bow and violin. Of course sometimes I get upset if I can’t play a song or something but I don’t put the violin down. I think the violin was the best idea for my artist tag because it says a lot about me as a person. I want the viewer to understand that there is many ways to view my tag. I want the viewer to see a creative, positive, and happy girl but I also want the viewer to understand that there are many sides of this girl such as patience. It’s not just what the image says it’s the meaning behind it.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Roberto Calderon: Artist Statement

Roberto Calderon Art 1st 10/27/14 My tag consists of my initials and a soccer player. The letters are designed according to the stencil format that uses bridges and the image consists of a soccer player kicking a ball. My tag expresses my identity because my initials are a big part of me and they represent who I am. The soccer player also represents my identity because soccer is my favorite sport and I enjoy playing it and watching it. Also soccer involves teamwork and alot of thinking of when to make the right move which describes my personality. I want to show the world that a name means more than just letters and that you can play with the style in order to show who you are. When the viewer sees my tag I want them to understand that our names are a big part of our identities and that there should be no reason for hiding it or changing it.

Mitzi Zepeda: Dove


My tag is a Dove with a bow on its head. I’m trying to express about this tag is I have a different style of art from everybody else. My tag demonstrates who I am and what my favorite things are. I want the world to understand about me is how an image can represent me especially, with objects or things I like/love. I chose the bird because I love animals. I picked a Dove because it represents many things but, one aspect that represents me is tranquil. In general, I tend to be a very calm person. I put a bow on the Dove to represent my love of fashion. The style of the text on my tag is cursive because it makes it more elegant and formal for a signature. At first for me it was difficult to describe myself, but by drawing I know how to describe myself more easily. When I’m not comfortable around people, I’m really shy to talk about myself, but by drawing, I can describe myself easier to people.

Ahisha Morales:Artist Statement

My image is half of a butterfly with my nickname in the wing. The butterfly represents the freedom I have. I like having my freedom and I get plenty of it, my parents let me go wherever I want, all I need to let them know is where with who and what time am coming back. They trust me a lot, I would never do anything on purpose to break that because am happy with what I get, plus I’ve always done good in school,  I do my homework , it’s this year that I need to start getting everything together cause I feel I’m going to fail it. I put my nickname because that’s what all my friends call me and friendship is very important to me. What I want the viewer to understand that am as free as a butterfly and that I could be everyone's friend.

Nicole Trinidad: "Strength In Love"

My image is a heart with a sword going through the top right side and coming out the bottom left side. There is a banner going across the heart and on the banner it has my name, Nicole, spelled out in all caps. It expresses my identity by portraying a commonly ‘cute’ image and adding an element, such as a sword that connotes an almost ‘tough’ feeling. I feel as if it adds on as a description of who I am because I’m expressing both sides of my own personality which is somewhat sweet but also depicting this image of toughness and strength. I describe my artist self as more edgy while still trying to remain ‘girly’ and ‘cute’. I want to portray a feeling of strength in these normal, everyday ‘girly’ objects.  I want the audience of my artwork to understand how everything seems to join together and create an entire image with an actual meaning that can define me through the smaller aspects of artwork. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Light Bulb

 Arriel Wilkins
The Light Bulb

     My image that I chose to describe me is a light bulb. I chose this image because it represents my curiosity and the fact that I’m always thinking. I always want to learn new things and find out why certain things happen. I think about what if’s, why’s, how’s and much more. My artist persona is curious and open-minded. I always want to see everything from different perspectives. A light bulb has always represented thinking, so I thought that it'd be the perfect symbol for my personality.


My image is my two initials in the middle along with two swirly lines, one on top and the other on the bottom. The Titanic movie is a good example of my explanation; before the Titanic movie starts there’s always that one sponsor company that scares everyone with their loud soundtrack. The logo has 3 initials in it, my image imitates it. I didn’t want to copy the exact same thing so instead what I did was put my 2 initials on it with swirl lines. The swirls represent that I’m a friendly and outgoing person. My image represents me as a whole because I’m a movie person; I love to stay in and watch movies all night in the weekend rather than to go out. I thought this company logo would be a perfect example for me.

Kevin Najera: Artist Statement and Artist Tags

Kevin Najera
Topics in World Art
Period: 1st

Art Statement

                My image is basically my nickname with all the things I love in words. The letter K is represented as a saxophone because it is an instrument I play and I love it. The letter O is represented as a soccer ball because I love playing the sport and it is so much fun. The letter R is represented by the Nike sign because all their slogans clearly represent me. Examples are “Risk Everything” and “Just Do It”. The N represents the love of running and exercising in general. My artist self is simple and straight to the point. I am not the best artist but I love to just focus and think about the things I love, which art does for me. What I want the viewer to think of me is that I love taking risks when necessary (hence the Nike sign), love music, love exercising and love soccer. Basically I want them to know that I enjoy life to the fullest.

Yvette L. light bulb tag

For my tag I chose to use a light bulb with my initials in it. I used this as my tag because I want to be a person who inspires others to take a stand against social problems. I’ve always loved to do volunteer work and in this way I’m able to combine my art skills into it. I’m not just creating artwork solely for the purpose of aesthetics, but for inflicting change. When seeing my tag I want viewers to recognize that it is my artwork and get inspired from some of my other art pieces. A light bulb is always used as a symbol for curiosity and hopefully when they see my art it would spark a sense of curiosity in them. 

Yari's tag statement

My image is a face sticking the tongue out and an eye is “X” and a panda paw I’m a half dead goofy person who is lazy, chubby, and always hungry like a panda. This is my creative artist persona. This person is the one who doesn’t mind much getting dirty with paint, chalk, or charcoal. My best work is my messy work (in my view) , perfection is not my style at all, little stains and edgy edges always look best with my work. I sometimes tend to draw horror themed drawings or something to do with my personal drawings. I can’t deal with bright colors unless there is some grey, black or darker colors as well. Usually my favorite background would be the night sky.I want the viewer to understand that it’s just a peculiar symbol of my personal symbol of my personal signature plus a panda bear paw.