Monday, June 15, 2015


My sticker was made for the awareness of foster care abuse across the country and many other nations. Many may think that foster care may the best place for children who are taken by the state from abusive and neglect or just troubled homes. But little do they know that they may have made problems worse by putting them in the hands of abusive foster parents. I would like to dedicate this sticker the organizations who are making our foster social workers and case workers aware of such circumstances that happen within the foster care system and allowing them to see the bigger picture beyond their clipboard and foster child papers and references and into the homes they feel secure to put them into.

Veranika McGhee

These are some of the services that help and protect any type of animal for home animals to wild animals.
All these gas companies cause oil spills and they don't know how much it hurts us and the animal that live in them 
Global warming. Increased temperature will affect ecosystems and humans.

Save the big cats. Increased poaching affects the well being of big cats in the wild.

Friday, June 12, 2015


For this sticker I tackled gender inequality, and how we all need to work together to fight for equality. Men and Women should be treated equally and the only to way to begin the fight for equality is to start with yourself. The side with the woman is colored blue, while the side the side with the man is colored pink (along with other gender equality symbols) are used to represent the breaking of gender stereotypes.

Police brutality is a current issue which can be seen throughout the news. I wanted to emphasize the corruption in the world of law enforcement using the officers standing in line above a group of scared teens, along with one officer with a banner reading "do you feel safe?" to represent the inability to stand up to these uniformed villains. The phrase "who can protect us now?" represents how corruption in our very justice system means that we are truly left vulnerable.

Illegal Immigration and immigration policies are very important subjects in our current society. Illegal Immigrants are treated like criminals and many politicians work very hard to throw out people merely chasing the american dream which is the very basis of our country. The combination of the U.S'. and Mexican flag represent the families who feel ties to both nations yet are chained by their lack of a passport and social security card (mere pieces of paper that negate them any rights), "my dreams are not illegal" is the cry for our government to realize that these people are simply looking for a better life and thus should not be treated like prisoners.

Substance and Alcohol abuse is something I have seen throughout my life. The clouds represent the negativity which leads to the abuse, but the rays of light overpower these cloud, "there is hope" means that there is always a hope for life to get better. I wanted people to know that they should never give up, and should never resort to substance abuse, because there is always hope.

Religious conflicts can be seen all over the world and still affect our world today. The mixture of colors and religious symbols over one face represents how religion should bring us together instead of breaking us apart. Each person has their part to play and as long as everyone tries to get along then religion can be a beautiful thing.

Jocelyn Bermudez .

Human trafficking is a scary thing and we have to try and make it stop before it gets out of hand 
Our future depends on us and if we keep damaging it it will never fix 
We seem to be killing animals like nothing and we might just end up not having any in our future 
This sticker shows how most of our animal are becoming extinct and how maybe kids in the future won't even know what the simplest animals were like an elephant or a tiger 
If we continue to damage our air we won't have anything alive anymore everything would just be dead and dry 

Sticker blog -Yvette Luera

My stickers represent various of issues occurring around the world, such as fracking, gender pay gap, and muslim stigma. Fracking is drilling underground for oil, while as it sounds harmless, it can contaminate water. This can result in a lot of health issues. Gender pay gap has been a long-term issue for women. They still struggle to make as much as man. Muslim stigma is a big issue today. We label every Muslim to be a terrorist and they face discrimination all the time. I hope to bring awareness to these problems and have people strive to fix them.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Arriel Wilkins- Stickers

It's weird that we always seem to put enough money on our Ventra cards the day before, but when we tap them on the CTA it always seems to say "insufficient fare" . Ventra isn't a sufficient way to conduct payment for public transportation.

People are born with freedom of religion. It isn't right for ISIS to take that freedom away from anyone. This is one of the biggest problems of the world right now.

Everyone's life matters no matter which way that you decide to live it. Hate crimes against those who are interested in the same sex are wrong. They're life is worth just as much as anyone else's. 

Crime is one of the biggest problems in the city of Chicago at the moment. People die everyday because of gun violence. Children are being killed daily because of gun crimes. An end must be put to this.