Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Stickers (Yessenia Gonzalez)

This sticker represents gun violence and how we need to put an end to it. There are people who illegally own guns and they go out and murder innocent people. Guns are used like toys, just for entertainment. They pull the trigger and don't even think about how they might be leaving someone without a parent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, daughter, son. 

This picture represents police brutality. As we have seen on the news there has been a lot of incidents when police beat innocent people almost to death. We've also seen that police have killed innocent men. This is basically sending a message for the police to stop using extreme force and hurting us, basically telling them to handle situations the right way. 

The message that I'm trying to get across with this sticker is to spread bullying awareness. Bullying is something that's becoming very common with young kids at school. It's a subject that really needs to be out there so people know that it exists and that it could be happening to their children. And to the children that are getting bullying, those messages on the sides of the sticker are for them, to influence them to stand up for themselves. 

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