Thursday, June 20, 2013

Karina Pina - Altered Road Sign - Skateboarders!

I had a blast making my altered road sign! Not only did I get to portray something I enjoyed doing a few years back. . .But every now and then I try to watch the Monster Energy Skate Games-Competitions. If I could of learned more I would have pursued learning more skateboarding tricks but sadly I did not. :/ However, I do wish for those who are passionate about skateboarding can keep riding! That would have to be the main reason I wanted to do this sign to represent the long years skateboarders have been around, doing what they do best, riding their boards. . .Also for them to not stop riding thats why the skater is going through the do not enter sign and breaking through it, this shows that he will continue to ride no matter what.
 Ride Hard or Die Trying ;D

Raul Blancas - Road Sign - Galaxies Merging

 I enjoyed this a lot. The whole procedure was something I really enjoyed. I like how I got to add some of my interests into this. I really like astronomy and anything that has to do with space and I feel that with this, I got to express that. While I was creating this, I was thinking that maybe somewhere in the future when people will actually be able to travel in space, maybe a sign similar to this will be available. This project was a really great way to end the year in my opinion.

Izzi Mariche - Road Sign - Bump Ahead

I Really enjoyed doing this project. Especially because all of this involved a bit of humor and creativity. it was fun making these road signs, you never know what you can make out of them. I really suggest that you try and create a road sign you'll have fun and enjoy every bit of it! and also, add a little spice to it!

Jonathan Aguilar - Road Sign - Cat XING

Probably the hardest part in making the road sign was creating the "XING" stencil because to make letter and small stencils and it takes a lot of time and precision and I did mess up a lot of times during the process but I am proud of my work.

Nicole Rodriguez - Road Signs - BUMP A-HEAD

Altering a sign is not as easy as it seems. It most definitely takes time and creativity. I really relished doing this last project because there was humor involved and it catches peoples attention since these are original signs that are seen daily, but converted into something funny. It also shows double meaning of phrases or words such as "Bump A-head".

Jessica Cazares - Road Signs - STOP in the name of Love

My experience with using the stencils was overall really fun. I enjoyed making stencils because I did not think I would be able to pull it off. I found it to be fairly easy. I decided to alter a stop sign because that is one sign that really catches my attention. Also it is easy to fool people because the sign looks almost exactly the same as a normal stop sign. I enjoyed this artwork because it is kinda funny.

Alfredo Gomez- Be Alert For The Wild Things

I liked using stencil because it was fun and creative. I chose the Wild Things because it is one of my favorite books since I was little and I think the kid is cool. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jesus Macias - Road Sign - Zombies Ahead

it took me time to decide what road sign to do because i had like 3 or 4 ideas and i just didn't know which one to get. i also had problems on painting with the sponges, so i decide to us the brush.
when i was doing it, it look like it was gonna be hard but it wasn't. i really enjoy doing this project because it takes time to doit a lot of work and practice. at the end everything came out good and i finally finish.

Elizabeth Sandoval - Road Sign - Yee Haa!

It took me quite a while to come up with an idea of altering a road sign, and once I did, I then had to actually alter it.  It was rather easy once I had a plan because I know how to use fix images online, however painting it took a long time because I kept making mistakes and tried to correct them over and over. In the end it was a good project but everyday I left the room with paint on my hands.

Erika Rodea - Road Sing - "DO NOT DRIVE"

My experience using stencils for painting was very interesting and fun because I can use de colors i like and always make sure that the stencil is moving because if the stencil move your image is not going to good.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013



GUERRILLA students were inspired by street artists from around the world that alter road signs. Many artists create their own mock signs and install them in the street. Often, these altered signs are meant to be humorous. Although, sometimes a serious message is conveyed on the altered sign.  Of course, actually altering a street sign is illegal. We chose to create mock road signs. Students used the style of a sign (type set, silhouette image, composition, etc) to create a funny version.

Students used stencils to create their text, images, and borders. Stenciling onto illustration boards, they tried to use the spirit of the road sign (to give direction) while expressing a message that is a little more fun.

Here are some examples that we were inspired by:

Monday, June 17, 2013

Aniko Thomas - Road Sign - Dope DJ's Ahead

I thought this project would be a piece of cake. I had another coming. This was probably the most challenging project. I had a good time creating this though.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Natanael Nava-Road sign- Bear Croswalk

                                     I expect people to think that this is pretty cool sign to look out for bears wherever there is this sign and to respect the bears because they  wont do nothing to you if you dont threaten them :D

'Luis Munoz'-Roadsign-Left or Right?

                     I had a very good time making funny road sign. look at it closely and you'll get it. Cutting it out was a little tricky but a good learning experience. I made mistakes but I learned from them.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Nicole Rodriguez

Karina Pina
"Sticker Art"


Karina Pina


Jesus Macias

Mariana Perez

Monday, June 10, 2013

 What I was trying to do, is to basically tell people to go out there and find something. Discover something new whether it's something new about yourself, something new in the world, or something that you will learn on your journey to discover something new. I feel like not enough people do that. Most kids these days are centered around technology and sitting behind a computer screen. There's less and less kids actually going out into forests or parks, or somewhere out in nature. Maybe you can find something that no one else has. You'll never know until you go out and discover it.

Nicole Rodriguez- Sticker Art- "Far Away"

When creating this sticker, I tried to tell the viewers that the man by the sunset is "far away". The little path that's in the lower left corner is leading us to him. Basically, my message to the people is that when you're trying to reach your goal, it isn't easy, which is what all the colors around represent --all the obstacles that you will face. Although, in the end, you'll eventually be where you chose to be. You have the option to choose what path you take.

"Sticker Distribution" Mariana Perez

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ivette Valadez - Sticker Art - "Art!"

I enjoyed The Sticker Project because it was something simple and quick but had a lot of thought into it. Creating a sticker was extremely fun, we took an image and made it into a sticker. To make it ours, we had to add or delete a couple of things and give it a meaning. Many people assume that they aren't creative but Art can change that. Creating art can help us use our creative side and help us expand our minds, which is the meaning of my sticker.

Dan Moreno- Borderless

Randomness and absurdity are my favorite words when it comes to creating art. It's almost as if you're pouring everything that comes out of your head onto the paper without actually thinking about it. That's what I did here.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Group 5E work This is the distribution part for the group.

Group members:
Dan M.
Julian Torres
Raul B.

Jesus Macias -Sticker Art- "Moonly"

My sticker signifies the darkness of each place. Anything can be ugly but it can easily be changed to something wonderful and beautiful like in my artwork the dark night became a sunny paradise. 

Alfredo Gomez-Sticker Art-"Extraterrestrial"

I was trying to show that everything in space is different and we should'nt be scared of what s beyond it because there might be some beautiful things that we never seen before. The galaxy holds many things and some could be beautiful so we shouldn't be scared of it. We should just embrace it.

Carlos-Sticker Art- "Media blinds"

My experince making my piece was to show how media can be blinding, I wanted to show the how world and how media is all around us. How people need to realize how alot of times, even in the news, you come across some information that is from a bias source. What this means is that, you don't necessarily get both sides of the story. For instance, you hear about the organization PETA.As for propaganda, it's pretty much false information spread around to misinform the public. It's a lie designed to trick people into thinking something that isn't true. Such as 9/11 was carried out by the US. However, propaganda isn't anything new. It's been happening for quite a while. Simply put its a misleading lie that can affect peoples decisions.

Lisette Carbajal-sticker-"Paradise"

Nature can beautify the world as well as art. In my sticker i basically drew what i feel nature does to the ugliness of the world. It covers up the bad and shows the good. Hopefully my class's stickers make some parts of the community look nicer and more presentable.

Mariana Perez-Sticker Art-"Difference"

The sticker art was one of my favorite projects because it has a lot of meaning to it and it was a very quick project that was meant to impact how the world sees our surroundings.I wanted to show how anyone can make a difference and beautify the world.