Thursday, February 12, 2015

Holding Hands-Nayara Angeles

My project was holding hands.What i was expressing through my artwork was showing race,color,gender doesn't matter when you are in love. I wan the audience to understand that when you love someone you love them for who they are not for where they came from or what defines them.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Jocelyn Bermudez -video game that made you cry

I decided to create a new idea based off "draw a scene from a movie that made you cry"and I went with a video game that made you tear up. I chose a scene from The Legend Of Zelda and basically the scene shows zelda (the girl) going into a crystal and link (the guy) not wanting her to because he doesn't he feel it's right for her to do that when she's got him to protect her. This connects to me because I also care about the people I love and I just want them all to be ok without them having to in close themselves.  

Friday, February 6, 2015

Arriel Wilkins: First 24

The LTLYM assignment i chose was Make A Flier of Your Day. Before I began to draw I had to think of everything that happens throughout my day. I tried to add as much detail as possible. I expressed through this artwork that I had a lot to balance during the day, and sometimes it's hard, but it's worth it. While drawing it, I was reminded of my daily routines. I shared this with society by sending a Snapchat of my artwork to all of my friends.

The Rise, The Fall (Yvette Luera, Isair Carmen, Yaritzel Molina)

The LTLYM assignment we chose was record somebody dancing. We made a small crown out of paper to represent power and the idea of being a "king" and the crushing of the crown is the realization that power isn't actually everything and being a "king" comes from self joy and not power. The assignment originally included a different song, but we chose to use this song because we liked the message the song expressed, and personally it was easier for me to use "wordplay" or follow the words rather than the beat of the song when dancing. We all related to this song because we felt as though almost everybody goes through a moment where they are clouded and become disillusioned with the idea that money, power, fame, or glory will bring them happiness when in reality joy can be found in the simpler things in life.

The city Karina Nicole Arciga

Thursday, February 5, 2015

"Make a replica of my bed" Mitzi Zepeda

The assignment I chose was make a replica of my bed. The process I chose was a sculpture and the materials I used was cardboard, paper, acrylic paint, gems, cotton, and cloth. I want my audience to understand is that it represents me. For example, my blanket is pink which is my favorite color. Also, the design of my bed's frame is how I like vintage which the design is Victorian era. While I was doing this art action, I realize that I have to value the simplest things more.
Distributed on Pinterest. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

"All you got is time" Edgar Torres

This is a clock watch I drew to remind you that all you got is time to progress on anything you want want to accomplish

Emilyn Gutierrez- Advice to myself in the past

i. Give advice to yourself in the past
ii. I just used a little pocket notebook and a pen. I choose these materials because it made the project pretty easy and it seemed the most effective way to explain the advice I would give to myself and it also allows me to keep on adding more advice to myself. 
iii. I'm trying to express how everyone has gone through different things in their life and has made some mistakes but there is always room for improvement. And by giving advice to yourself like I did in this project it can help you avoid similar mistakes or help improve. 

Physical Change (My Bed) -Nicole Trinidad

i. Make a replica of your bed.
ii. I used cardboard, clothes fabric, and cotton balls. I tried to recreate my bed frame first then the actual mattress and the small details, such as pillows/stuff animals.
iii. Through this artwork I want my audience to understand that we're all pretty different and that can be reflected through our beds since it is so personal. 
iv. This artwork just reminded me of my bed; since I was working on it in class I just felt like going home and sleeping.