Monday, June 9, 2014

"Shout Out!" Wheat Pastes at Curie HS

Proud to present the "Shout Out!" 

Wheat pastes on the exterior building of Curie HS.

These artworks express the students' views on what art means to them. It's their "Shout Out" to you.

Art belongs in EVERYONE'S education. EVERYONE deserves access to art, no matter where you live, how big or small is your paycheck, whether or not you can afford the ticket to an exhibit, show, performance. WE ALL NEED ART IN OUR LIVES!

Thanks to Mr. Perry, our principal, we have permission to wheat paste the school!

So, look to the building:
Archer Parking Lot entrance
Archer Ave, B Building Wall
and more to come...

Remember these prints were made from hand-carved lino-blocks by the students of Xanos' Guerrilla Art Class (AKA Multimedia/World Art)

Here they are!