Tuesday, February 25, 2014

LTLYM "Say goodbye" - Jonathan M

The feelings that I encountered  while creating my "Learning to Love You More" assignment are really uncontrollable. This assignment consisted of pulling out images and words from a magazine to explain to who or what you have to say goodbye to. I choose to say goodbye to a person that meant the world to me, a person that I never thought would leave my side. The images explain all feelings that I encounter while thinking about her. But at the end it just goes to show that not always will you have a happy ending, but at a certain point you must say goodbye to the person that you love the most.  

LTLYM-Say Goodbye-Karina Nicole Arciga

I did the Learn to Love You More assignment. It was "Say Goodbye". Here I did this based on things that have hurt me in the past such as my first love and things that I just need to say goodbye to an get rid of. The writing in the background is all real letters from Oscar. It was a hard thing to do because I actually physically had to let them go. When I was doing my project I was remembering all the things that I went through with him and it kind of made me sad but then it was just a relief because he hurt me and its good that I'm saying goodbye. The girl is me yelling because I asked my mom and she said I yell a lot so that's something I need to say goodbye to for my better.

LTLYM - Jennifer Martinez - Say Goodbye

           I did the Goodbye assignment. I put all the stuff and people I don't need anymore. At some point all of that was important.I decided to do tombstones because I think that's a good way to show your letting go of something/someone. In my head I thought about what I thought was more important and that's when I got the idea to show importance by making the tombstones deep in the ground. I want the world to understand that I am ready to let go of everything on my paper. Most of that stuff is hard to let go but its something that has to be done. That's why I put the "Goodbye" in the middle. While I was doing this, I felt happy to finally be able to say goodbye to everything that was keeping me from moving on.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Ltlym Juan Ramirez

I did the ltlym I did the say good bye im saying good bye to all the thing I dont like, I did this because I do really want those thing to go away and to say goodbye I have to say bye to bitter and to judge people by the way they look I want people to see that you can also say bye to things but mostly to the things I still do and bad things I do. I want to forget about everything on my poster because I think that it would be for the better and make me into a better person and move forward. Its hard to say goodbye to certain things but in the end it would be for the best.

LTLYM:Ramon Zaragoza

My art work called LTLYM is about me saying goodbye to things I loved. But I have to say bye to soccer because when I was little I loved it. Now i have to say goodbye to it and move on with my life. I noticed that I'm not going to be build for it anymore so i decided to work on my body. I want people to notice that even when you say bye to such a passion for something you loved you can still move on with your life even without it.

LTLYM: Johnathan Yanez - Make a Replica of Your Bed

The name of my assignment is Make replica of your bed. I did my bed with different materials. I made a replica of what my bed would look like every day in my life. I want people to know that I'm very clean and organized with all my stuff. Most people are messy and disorganized but I would like them to know that I'm not like them. I keep my room clean because my mom is strict and that's how she expects me to have my room but I have become very used to having it clean, that it feels whenever to not have it that way.

LTLYM- Gabriela Medina - Advice to Yourself

My LTLYM assignment I chose was to give myself advice. This assignment felt really personal to me because I had to pretty much go deep into my life and think up all of the things I have done or wish I should have done. I'd like for people to know some things about me and probably see if they can relate. Life comes with a lot of moments that you are or aren't proud of. I really hope people enjoying learning new things about me because I'm not a very open person but they can at least know that I did/do something weird things in my life. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

LTLYM - Samantha Rodriguez and Mario Ortiz - "HER"

This video is for the #32 assignment, re-enact a sad scene from a movie that made you cry.

In order to preserve the quality of the video, we have provided a link to it on you tube:


Friday, February 21, 2014

Appropriated Artwork Johnathan Yanez Fantasy

Johnathan Yanez                                                                   2-18-14
Period 5th

It was on a raining day it smelled like and old house humid and very dirty place a little girl name Ashley grew up in a little town she dream to one day go to a magical place that would have wonderful things were it was nice and peaceful  kids stared to disappear from there homes and parents were worried about it they never knew were there little kid when and never return back  a clown from out off nowhere came he had a huge smile in his old  wrinkled face he smelled like and old man very tall and had crazy colorful hair he had balloons he had balloons that there were colorful and he had 8 balloons that  were all Black he saw Ashley sitting in a sunny day in the side walk with puddles around her and garbed  next to her  the clown had just ask her if she was ok she said no  he reply why not Ashley had told the clown that she waned to be in a magical place but  it would never come true the clown had a huge smile showing he’s yellowing  teeth he told Ashley “ I came make all yours dreams come true “ the clown said and he said how the clown said here take this 8 balloons and all your wishes will come true the girl had a smile at him and gave him a big huge tight hug and she ran quickly to her place Ashley didn’t know that does balloons  were a bad thing to take them as she walked and waked the balloons stared to fly away with Ashley and stared to go up and up Ashley stared to become black like a shadow she flew away into a very magical place but what she didn’t knew is that the clown had something else in plan he waned to keep the girl as a slave and never to return like all the kids that disappeared she did to she never return back  no one knows why the clown chooses he’s victims but what they do know is that they never going to come back  so every 2 yeas the clown goes back to the town and take a kid  to what’s supposed to be a magical place but its actually hell were there’s  a lot of kids that you can heard crying all dirty but still holding the 8 black balloons they came to that place

Appropriated Artwork: Mario Ortiz, Halloweenland.

I thought this was a normal town. Usually, I'd wake up in the morning, take a walk in the park, feed some birds on the way and maybe grab some coffee on the way back. Not this morning. This morning, the smells of burning rubber, and boiling blood filled my bedroom. This morning, I looked out the window, only to see that the sky had been replaced with lava, and the sun, with a demonic head. Residents from all over the town ran in panic as no one knew how to react to such a catastrophe. No one was prepared for this. Sweat rushes down my forehead slowly as I nervously make my way downstairs. I mustn't leave home today, I thought. I must stay safe. Then suddenly, I heard the overbearing sound of something crashing through my upstairs window. It sounded enormous. My heart began to beat twice as fast. I started to make my way up the stairs when out of nowhere: BOOM. Another one. This time right behind me. My house gradually started falling apart, with pieces of brick and dust scattering all over the floor. My first thought was to leave the house. I needed to to at least have a chance to escape this terrible fate. I swiftly ran toward the front door, and when I went to touch the knob, my hand shot back. It was scorching hot. I turned around, and right behind me was a man. He slightly resembled the man who replaced the sun. This was Halloweenland; and I was not ready for what was to come.

Appropriated Artwork: Ramon Zaragoza "Visual Powers"

LTLYM - Emelin Diaz

Appropriated Art- Atmosphere - Joel Ponce -


A man running I don’t understand why.
he is at a dock, but he is still running. He slips into the water starts sinking to the bottom.
His throat burning, gasping, screaming for air, as his last breath of air is coming out he is teleported, at first he doesn't care. He is recovering his self with air. He stops. Quickly looks up at this new world he is in. The atmosphere filled with colors, and no gravity holding anything down, yet nothing is floating around, but there are no limits on what you can step onto.
As he is gazing at the strange colors of this place, and notices some sorts of creatures gliding in the distance. He realizes this world is coming to a quick end. Stars in the distance exploding into white burning balls, burning rocks from destroyed plants flying around, deadly gasses spreading in the atmosphere giving the world a more colorful, but deadly look.  A person comes from a portal, a female, she yells to the man “Come this way!”. A race to escape starts.

LTLYM - Erik Rojas

The assignment was # 16 its about making a paper replica of your bed. I thought about making my base for the bed and then adding the mattress on top of it. I added some close because I always have my bed made but, for some reason their is always close on it. I added two pillows and a cover blanket. I also added a rug on the floor because I thought it would be nice but, a lot of people think that its the floor. I want the world to know that I am an organized person but, not all the time. I sometimes I get really lazy so I'll just put the close on top of the bed and then fix them later. 

Appropriated Art - "The Legend Begins", by Moises Perez


Walking through this darkness for so long has gotten me disoriented. My kinesthetic sense no longer feels natural. This bright light suddenly appears in front of me out of nowhere, as if I’ve stumbled across a door leading to another world. I step closer, hearing the clunk of my boots against the wooden log beneath me. My head peeks out of the log, peering out into the environment surrounding me. My hand comes off the wooden wall, and my feet step onto the greenery before me.
This is supposed to be a sacred place, but for some reason, the grass is freshly cut; the aroma of it pierces my nose in the best way possible. It smells delicious, complimented very well by the lush scent of fresh air that radiates from the trees that surround me. The tops of them are thick, barely letting in any light but still managing to keep the place well lit.
The untouched beauty of the nature around me diverted my attention away from my task at hand. I look forward, towards the one place that receives a full shower of light. Small woodland creatures surround me, with no intimidation, solely the intent to watch me approach closer. They look happy, as if they are eager to see me. As I get closer however, their natural instinct causes them to trot away into the bushes, where they continue to watch.
I step onto the one paved granite, and walk slowly towards my target. The closer I get, the stronger and empowered I feel. Placing my right hand upon the hilt, I feel the strength and the energy emanating from it. My other hand wraps around the first, and I slowly tug them both upward. With a small gleam of light escaping from the stone before me, I relinquish the sword entirely from the pedestal, feeling the energy of all the other beings who once held this in their hands.
Holding the Blade of Evil's Bane in my hands, I continue onward to my next destination.

LTLYM/Marcus Haskins

#48 Making the saddest song.

My Sad Song
All he ever did was ride his bike
Take road trips downtown
Go to the beach, maybe fly a kite
But one day, in all his might
He decided to change the route…
You know, go see some new sights
Enjoy some new clout
Except this time he pedaled thru the night
Which was not smart
But it didn’t really matter
He was acting hard like wood bark
He put the food on the platter
Like a remy whacker
& got tied up
So they caught him lackin
Pistol whacked him
Then his mama found him shot up
And began jumping round and round
Booty clappin
With no butt

                    What did I do it about: I did it about this kid named Joseph Coleman, also known as Lil Jojo who stayed on the southside of Chicago who got shot one day by this man called D.Rose (not Derrick Rose) in the summer of 2012 while riding his bike. I want the word to understand that I want to live forever young and I will not be riding my bike like that by myself.

LTLYM - "La Cama", by Moises Perez

On the Learning to Love You More website, this is project number 16, which was to create a physical replica of what your bed looks like.
It's a little hard to tell from this perspective, but my bed is normally very messy. I very rarely take the time to fix it, or make it, like I imagine most people would do. Instead of focusing on the aesthetics of it and making it look presentable (it would never matter, no one goes into my room anyway), I focus on the sole purpose of a bed, which is to sleep in and be comfortable. This explains why my blanket has a completely mismatched color scheme relative to my bed; the blanket is just too comfortable to not use it! Functionality is more important to me than physical appearance. 

Appropriated Artwork: Juan Ramirez "colors in the dark"

Juan Ramirez
Multimedia art 5th

In the world I created it’s a world of darkness a world where no color or happiness exists. Everyone always seems to be gloomy as if they were always sad like they didn’t enjoy life because without color there was no excitement no happiness. The man in my image named Carlos is the one person in the world who wants to change the dull place they call earth and add some color to it, to bring it to life and have change for once. He sneaks out in the middle of the night while everyone’s asleep to go out into the world and add some color and life. Some people might see it as graffiti or a bother to society but him and his fellow followers want to see a different change to the world and spread happiness instead of the dull colorless world that they currently live in. not a sound is ever heard as the world is swallowed in darkness and depression, Carlos feels likes it’s up to him to bring a change to this world and make it the earth everyone expects it to be, a warm happy place to live in and always continue to be like that. Once the sun goes down and the streets become empty is when carlos comes out and tries to make his change to the world secretly which Is why he covers his face.

Appropriated Artwork: Eaters and Transformers

Creative Writing
Once upon a time, I woke up early in the morning and made me some breakfast. I had a very important job to do, & that was to feed the women in need, or greed. So after making sure I was clean, I walked to the front door. Outside was an endless line of females ages 16-24, waiting for me, the master, to come through with their food. The sky was purple, and after feeding these cloth-less ladies, all of a sudden one female tried to eat too much, just because the feast was over and she thought she could get some more. Therefore without paying extra money for the extra serving she got, she tried to run into my parking lot full of transformers. Her bare feet did not math my footprint, so the alarm went off and the transformers woke up. Somehow though, instead of going for her they started fighting each other, & everything just got hectic. I was tired of all this so I planted a bomb under the parking garage and blew us all up. We all died. At least we resting in peace, though.

Appropriated Artwork: "The Colors Surround Beauty" Gerardo De Luna Jr.

I look at my art work and think about Marilyn Monroe and her life and all the loves she had and how many people loved her. I see her with her big beautiful red bold lips that stand out. I see her surrounded by different colors that represent different people, emotions, and lovers that she had in her life, and also all the adventures she had. It also represents all the people judged her and said bad things to her and about her and the fact that she didn’t care what they thought or said about her as a person. She did what she wanted without caring. I hear criticisms from other people and celebrities that would hate on her for her beauty. I hear bad names and words that hurt her and brought her down as a person and not a celebrity. The only thing she wanted was to find true love.

Appropriated Artwork: Cynthia Silva: Downtown with Grandpa

   Sitting on the train next to mu grandpa I can hear him snoring as he sleeps. I can smell his cologne that her always wears. He has his brown jacket as usual and his classes. Even with his big glasses you can see big bushy eyebrows.His white hair covering his head. I then feel the train slowing down as it comes to a turn. I can hear the train running over the train tracks. I smell all kinds of foods people re eating from honey bus to subway sandwiches. As i watch people eat, I listen to the announcements no one ever listens to. Stating " there's no eating or loitering" and yet people continue to eat.
    I look out the window and watch the buildings flash pass us, all the taggings on the buildings. I hear the doors open and people coming on and off the rain. I can hear the street cars as the doors continue to be open. I look up to the map with all the train lines: orange, brown, and red lines. I watch closely at the orange line because that's the one we're on.
  I realize there's two more stops until e need to get off and begin to wake up my grandpa. Before I know it, I hear " Roosevelt" which is our stop. We rush off the train and I hear the doors close and listen as the train swipes past us. We walked down the stairs and the jewelry store was right there.

LTLYM- Cindy' crib.

#16 Make a paper replica of your bed.
In order to do this I have to take a picture of my bed so I can remember how it looks like. I used different materials to make it look as realistic as possible. At first, I wasn't going to make it look exactly like my bed but I thought it would be interesting to show that side of me.While doing this assignment it made me realize that I am still a little kid inside.No matter how old I am will always love Pooh Bear!

LTLYM- Rebeca delaTorre

#16: Make a paper replica of your bed.
           This is what my bed looks like on most weekdays. I usually wake up very early and I like to take my time to get ready. You would think that since I'm up pretty early, that I would have time to make my bed. Ironically, I don't. When I say I take my time, I mean it. Time begins running out before I have to leave the house, so I just leave my pajamas and folders from school on my bed.On weekends, I usually don't have to be up as early, so I actually make my bed. I want the world to understand that my messy bed does not define my personality. I am usually on top of all of my other responsibilities. I do what I have to do when it comes to anything and everything else. My bed is only that way because its not at the top of my priority list for a normal day.

LTLYM/Mariela Guzman

#16 Make a paper replica of your bed

Something i realized while making my artwork was that I spend most of my time in bed. My bed is where I rest and go to sleep, preparing for another morning, a completely new day. My bed is where I fall asleep and drift away into the world of dreams. My bed and my room is a place where I can be completely alone and have some peace after a long day. Now I am self-aware of how important my bed is and even if it's something ordinary, to me it's a luxury.

Learning to Love You More (LTLYM)

This is a very special project.

Inspired by the art action website of Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher, we in the GA class did some of the assignments given on the site.

Our purpose was to explore introspection, connections, and relationships within the context of a simple art action.

Students chose from an abbreviated list of the LTLYM assignments on the website:
¡#70 Say Goodbye
¡#63 Make an encouraging banner
¡#54 Draw the News
¡#56 Make a portrait of your friend’s desires
¡#53 Give advice to yourself in the past
¡#48 Make the saddest song, write and/or perform
¡#32 Draw/paint or act out a scene from a movie that made you or someone cry
¡#33 Braid someone else’s hair
¡#23 Recreate this snapshot
¡#16 Make a paper replica of your bed
¡#5 Recreate an object from someone’s past
¡#37 Write down and draw or act out a recent argument

Students created drawings, text art, paintings, collages, sculptures, performances, poems, songs, and videos.
Some collaborated and some worked alone. All students shared their "art actions" with each other, and we are working on displaying the work outside of the class. There will be photos posted as that happens.

This project was the subject of a Pecha Kucha presentation for the National Art Education Association National Convention in San Diego (March 31, 2014) and also for the MCA Chicago Curriculum Slam (happening soon).

I am very proud of the Guerrilla Art students and their thoughtful, beautiful work. Please share!!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Appropriated Artwork: Incriminating Mario/ Erik Rojas

Mario World

                I see myself in Mario World. I can see a big castle, I think its Bowser’s Castle because it looks kind of dark. I see Mario going into the dark castle. He might be getting the key like he does in the game. I can smell a lot of mushrooms. I follow Mario into the castle. Im surprised when I get in because all the characters are in there. Bowser is usually the bad one. I see Mario eating a mushroom as he eats it you can se him growing and you can feel the floor kind of shaking like an earthquake. Everyone is having fun. This is how I imagine my little world

Appropriated Artwork: Jonathan Mendiola Color blast

Dark day, rainy day, don’t let it wipe your smile away! Smell of fear, you feel a tear, face up don’t shut your eyes because we all know that time flies! Walk into the dark don’t be afraid the sun will shine just look around. Listen to the sound of the pouring rain just know that it will stop & go away. For the sun will not always shine & the clouds will not always rain. Brighter colors flow from the ground just when you’re about to drown in the shadows of the dark. Its not enough to complete the heal, but how about we make a deal. If you don’t let the darkness of the world over come you, the brightness of the world will help guide you.

Appropriated Artwork: Resurrection

Creatures turned to Monsters.

            You see the baby color clouds: baby pink, baby blue, baby green, and baby purple. They feel soft to the touch and have a sweet scent, creating a pleasing atmosphere. They can be found in the highest skies, far higher than you can imagine. Enormous pharaoh like chairs placed in a circle. The chairs shined like the finest gold, the sight of them is so sharp that it makes you delusional.

            Perhaps there are creatures sitting in all the chairs. Facing each other telling stories. These creatures are a special kind of monster, a monster created by mankind. They say that their purpose is to make earthlings consume the idea of them. But they have a dispute with this purpose. Now the atmosphere isn’t so pleasing but rather bitter. These monsters being able to look unfrightening were destroyed into looking like propaganda. They argue amongst each other but nothing will change. Mankind holds the existence of them.