Thursday, February 20, 2014

Appropriated Artwork - Karina Arciga- "The In between"

I look at my work and I see peace.  I picture myself alone, no one to bother me, no one to listen,  just alone. Peace and security. I look around and i see myself in a calm,lonely, quiet, and beautiful place just to listen to my thoughts and keep to myself.i look around and stand alone. no one but my fingers and toes to accompany me. I look around and see ” the in between”  from the lovely bones. the place  just above earth but right before you go into the kingdom of heaven connected as one. The bright light of earth and the beautiful blue sky and the green grass from earth giving life to all around. I look around and see a small stream,  a wild roaring ocean and an open field looking back at me in the distance. Skies full of all different color blues and fields of wild greens and yellows.
I stop and listen. I listen to the sound around me, no one to talk to, no one to speak but the sound of my thoughts and my cries. Cries that will never be heard only if you step into the garden, but no one will ever step into the garden for it is to be empty with the full sound of my thoughts and the nature around me. I listen to the sound around me, the waves of the ocean, the stream sprinkling down fresh water.the waves wrestling each other to get to shore so make the soft sizzle on the sand. the sound of birds singing calmly.  The howling, whistling wind in the distance racing to hit my face. the warm air brushing against my face, through my hair, and in between my fingers, through the warm, soft grass, and racing through the trees.
I take a breath of new fresh air in and smell the salt of from the ocean. The sand racing up my nose. I smell the water from the stream, new water, dirty water. I smell the new fresh cut of grass warm short cut grass. I let the air out and take another fresh breath of the new smell coming in. I let go of everything inside me holding me back. And then a new breath of air again.

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