Friday, February 21, 2014

LTLYM/Marcus Haskins

#48 Making the saddest song.

My Sad Song
All he ever did was ride his bike
Take road trips downtown
Go to the beach, maybe fly a kite
But one day, in all his might
He decided to change the route…
You know, go see some new sights
Enjoy some new clout
Except this time he pedaled thru the night
Which was not smart
But it didn’t really matter
He was acting hard like wood bark
He put the food on the platter
Like a remy whacker
& got tied up
So they caught him lackin
Pistol whacked him
Then his mama found him shot up
And began jumping round and round
Booty clappin
With no butt

                    What did I do it about: I did it about this kid named Joseph Coleman, also known as Lil Jojo who stayed on the southside of Chicago who got shot one day by this man called D.Rose (not Derrick Rose) in the summer of 2012 while riding his bike. I want the word to understand that I want to live forever young and I will not be riding my bike like that by myself.

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