Friday, February 21, 2014

Appropriated Artwork Johnathan Yanez Fantasy

Johnathan Yanez                                                                   2-18-14
Period 5th

It was on a raining day it smelled like and old house humid and very dirty place a little girl name Ashley grew up in a little town she dream to one day go to a magical place that would have wonderful things were it was nice and peaceful  kids stared to disappear from there homes and parents were worried about it they never knew were there little kid when and never return back  a clown from out off nowhere came he had a huge smile in his old  wrinkled face he smelled like and old man very tall and had crazy colorful hair he had balloons he had balloons that there were colorful and he had 8 balloons that  were all Black he saw Ashley sitting in a sunny day in the side walk with puddles around her and garbed  next to her  the clown had just ask her if she was ok she said no  he reply why not Ashley had told the clown that she waned to be in a magical place but  it would never come true the clown had a huge smile showing he’s yellowing  teeth he told Ashley “ I came make all yours dreams come true “ the clown said and he said how the clown said here take this 8 balloons and all your wishes will come true the girl had a smile at him and gave him a big huge tight hug and she ran quickly to her place Ashley didn’t know that does balloons  were a bad thing to take them as she walked and waked the balloons stared to fly away with Ashley and stared to go up and up Ashley stared to become black like a shadow she flew away into a very magical place but what she didn’t knew is that the clown had something else in plan he waned to keep the girl as a slave and never to return like all the kids that disappeared she did to she never return back  no one knows why the clown chooses he’s victims but what they do know is that they never going to come back  so every 2 yeas the clown goes back to the town and take a kid  to what’s supposed to be a magical place but its actually hell were there’s  a lot of kids that you can heard crying all dirty but still holding the 8 black balloons they came to that place

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