Friday, December 19, 2014

Rocio Sanchez - Violence is not the Answer

I want people to understand that violence doesn't solve anything. It just makes things worse. If there is violence people need to stand up for themselves or just walk away and not go back to the situation. If you know somebody that is going through a rough time dealing with a violent relationship or just family then you need to stay by their sides and help them get away or stand up for herself. 

Desiree Fountain - One Gun

My issue today is Gun Violence. The issue here is so many innocent lives are being taken away day by day. It's getting out of hand. What I want people to get out of this is that a lot of people are being affected by this when they lose someone that they truly loved. People shouldn't have to live day by day having to watch their back because they don't know what could happen at any second.

Sierra Uvalle It's Not Beautiful

 All they wanted to do was feed their family. Mom and Dad aren't coming back. We killed them. My story speaks for all animals but in particular, I chose wolves. Animals are going extinct and soon there will be no more, and we humans can only be the blame. And I'll take that. Will you?
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Emilyn Gutierrez- CPS Get it Clean

The issue of my zine is sanitation in CPS schools and how because of the new change they have made with taking away some janitors and created a new corporation of janitors so our schools are more dirty than ever. These new janitors working for the corporation don't care about our schools anymore since they aren't technically apart of them anymore. But also this isn't just CPS's fault but also the students fault, they don't pick up after themselves and they should have some common sense and try to keep our schools as clean as possible. I believe that this issue is important because after all we are in this environment five days a week and CPS should realize that their change isn't working and how we are being affected by it. People should understand how important this issue is and how we should try to keep our schools as clean as possible.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Nayara Angeles- Guns Dont Die Children Do

We are all surrounded by violence and we live among it.  I want people to understand that no matter where you are we are victims of gun violence. It can happen to anyone and we should take a stand and try to nether the use of gun violence.

I distributed to one of my classmates who is interested in taking this art class next year.

Vanessa Villanueva CPS Sanitation

Every person that uses the restroom and locker room and restroom should clean up after themselves. I would like to see cleaner restrooms and locker rooms, also, for people to clean up after themselves.

Marco Martinez - Gun Violence

The issue of the topic I'm showing you is Gun Violence In  Chicago, lately their has been more deaths in Chicago then in no other place. They have called Chicago "Chiraq" because it has more deaths then Iraq. Children are getting guns of the street and picking them up and killing people.
In my opinion gun violence has been getting worse and worse, innocent people getting shot, Chicago's gun rate is getting higher in my opinion. All I see on the news is Teen shot to death or just people getting killed by guns. I want people to understand that Chicago Gun Violence is terribly bad, we are making our city look/sound bad, we need to stand up and stop gun violence.

Roberto Calderon- Whale Wars

Whaling must be stopped immediately. Whaling is the illegal hunting of whales. I believe that society does no pay much attention to these problems because it involves animals. I want peopleto understand that animals are part of this planet too. Their problems are mainly caused by humans and we have the solution.

Jocelyn bermudez "killer humans"

The topic for this zine is about poaching, I believe that no matter if we see an animal as a threat we shouldnt kill them just because we want to. They are on this earth for a reason and that reason is not for us to hang on our wall

Luis Gutierrez - Gun Violence

    My issue is violence. People shouldn't own guns or drink too much. I want people to understand that violence or drinking isn't the answer.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Arriel Wilkins "Stay"

Kedzie Train Station (Orange Line)

Curie Bathroom (1st floor)

CPS Sanitation - Mitzi Zepeda

    Chicago Public Schools' (CPS) sanitation has been a problem for students, staff, and to the community. Students had experienced it in schools due to the sanitation, which have grossed them out. This year, janitors had been fired and new ones got hired. The new janitors don't care what the students, staff, or the community think or experienced due to the sanitation at schools. It's Not all their fault, but also the students who are not responsible to clean up after themselves. Students are in the age where they should know how to be responsible and to be clean. All the people who enter the CPS have to know how to be clean especially in a public place.


*This two pictures are a flip-out page
Distributed one of my zines in a public train.
Distributed one of my zines to my aunt where she works in cleaning.

CPS: Chicago's Problomatic Sanitation - Nicole Trinidad

The issue within CPS schools is how sanitation and the overall cleanliness has been disregarded by CPS and the new company they hired. We need this to stop! How can they expect us to do well when they can't even treat us decently? We are being treated unfairly just to be fit enough for the students and the community! -Nicole Trinidad
Posted on a board in Curie Metro High School at a stair intersection 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Brenda Roman--Survival

This Zine is meant to explain the struggle to have money for stuff you need. It shows financial problems in different situations. In my case I am struggling to go to college. It sucks how some people have to work extra hard for money; among those people there's my dad and my brother. I want people to know that it's not easy out there in the real world. We're all competing to get what we want but so e of us have it easier.

Veranika McGhee "Predator OR Prey"

I believe it is bad to kill animals in Wildlife, we need to STOP the Slaughter because we are reducing species thus becoming the destroyer of the animal kingdom.
Save The Big CATS
Protect the Elephants

Monday, December 15, 2014

Yvette Luera- Silence and Negligence

Artist Statement:
The purpose is to talk about drug abusers. I mention how they are usually shunned by society. The reaction I hope to get from this is to have people try to reach out to help those struggling with this battle instead of turning their backs on the just because of labels society might put on them. If you are looking for help in dealing with this, SAMHSA helps with finding treatment facilities close to you. The link is

Zine Distribution

Friday, December 12, 2014

Kevin Najera - How Discrimination Affects Not Only Our World But You As well

Artist Statement: The issue I am talking about is discrimination, particularly, racial discrimination. I think that racial discrimination is a major issue in today's society. Unfortunately, I don't think racial abuse will ever go away. But we can make a difference. I want people to understand how people suffer when they are racially abused. I want people to actually start imagining how people are constantly being neglected due to their color or back round. I want people to actually make a difference and actually start doing something.

(Placed my zine in a locker at the gym)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Drug Abuse zine by Yari Molina

Artist statement: The things drugs do to yo and those around you; what they make you do and how dignity, respect, and lives are lost forever. I'm against drugs, even if I understand why people do them, but there's always a way to get way from them. I want people to understand the harm not only do to themselves but those close around them and how people really see them after they've committed this mistake of drug abuse.


Children of the Drugs
Drug abuse isnt something surprising where I live
Kids get peer pressured to do before they even get to understand the world around them
They get sucked into fantasies no one tells them that they’re not real
‘Til it’s too late…
Ever day families are torn apart
Parents sent to jail
And kids cry in foster homes
Because meth took mommy and daddy away
Like once on a TV. Broadcast there was this 12-year-old girl who was taken from parents addicted to meth into a foster home and was interviewed about what happened at home and she said, “My daddy would hit my mommy, there would be friends over from dad who did drugs, and they would talk to me and touch me and do things to me.”

Respect… Dignity lost because the “ bully” makes you go crazy after withdrawal of the sensation felt… They would do anything, anything, anything to get more… to feel that overpowering “good” vibrant sensation again. They’ll steal, sell themselves, put their families at risk, they’ll even murder to get it. Those family members of mine who are known to do so are shunned and are the bad examples and nobody wants them around.

Him…rest in peace…him…
We lost him through a murder…
For involving himself in something he shouldn’t be involved…
Substances and ignorance killed him…
He was a great person, funny too…
But ignorant…
Ignorant to the fact that the things he does, the things he consumes will get him killed…
And it did…
Those days were rough…
The media loves to lie and leave out things so no one feels bad about it…
But I did… we all did, there was endless mourning, I heard and saw the “careless” people cry… for the first time… His cheeks were soft yet swollen…swollen with the ignorance that killed him… trapped in the hospital air… I felt and still feel confused thinking he’s still here…but when I walk around…he’s not…I felt empty and feel disappointed how the media only talked about his bad but never all the good…
Drugs…drugs and ignorant stupidity yet stubbornness took him away from our puzzle piece we call life…

Drug abuse may seem nothing to many but to me it’s a factor that made me lose one too many… done…

Yeah, you’re addicted, you want more, more and more.. but can you stop? Of course… just remember you’re not just harming yourself, you’re harming the ones truly close to you…better now before it’s too late…just know every drug you take that isn’t a prescribed direction by an actual doctor is a couple steps closer to your body dumped somewhere for you to rot away…like the others around you that are doing the same…

Distributed to my therapist's office on Christmas Eve 2014 (will get pictures of her next to it c: )