Wednesday, December 17, 2014

CPS Sanitation - Mitzi Zepeda

    Chicago Public Schools' (CPS) sanitation has been a problem for students, staff, and to the community. Students had experienced it in schools due to the sanitation, which have grossed them out. This year, janitors had been fired and new ones got hired. The new janitors don't care what the students, staff, or the community think or experienced due to the sanitation at schools. It's Not all their fault, but also the students who are not responsible to clean up after themselves. Students are in the age where they should know how to be responsible and to be clean. All the people who enter the CPS have to know how to be clean especially in a public place.


*This two pictures are a flip-out page
Distributed one of my zines in a public train.
Distributed one of my zines to my aunt where she works in cleaning.

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