Thursday, December 19, 2013

Postcard Art - Funky Town BD

The first step towards creating my tape transfer was to select various images from magazines that would be easy to transfer. I cut the images out and tape it entirely. With a Popsicle stick I burnished the tape on top of the image, but cautious of not doing it too hard.After that I cut out excess tape and then place the tape transfer into a bucket of warm/hot water. While I waited for that to process I created more tape transfers. After a couple of minutes I removed the tape transfer from the bucket of water and began to rub away all the paper from the back side of the image. I was careful of not rubbing or scratching away the image. Lastly, I thought of a way to incorporate most of my tape transfers to my background. I decided to do something fun and colorful.

   This was the first time that I've done a tape transfer and it really was amazing to learn how simple materials can create nice pieces of artwork.

Postcard Art - Samantha Rodriguez- "Dark Sundays and Sunny Mondays"

In order to make a tap transfer art piece, I first used packaging tape to tape over the image I wanted. The image I choice (which can barely see now) was a blurry/transparent photograph of a house in the woods during the winter time. It gave off a dark, eerie mood. Once the image was taped I rubbed the tape down to the image to make sure the ink of the image was collected. After that I soaked my taped image in hot water in order to soften the paper. Once the paper was soften I rubbed it off until I had my transparent image. I did an overlay of my artwork with the tape transfer. Once that was done I went over the tape transfer with paint to have a better flow for my art piece.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Postcard Art - Joel Ponce - New Night

                                      New Night

My work is taken from Vincent van Gogh work starry night, I choose this work from him, because there is so much going on, so I took the basic part of the painting which I though was the city, and I made my own version of the sky. I at first didn't have an idea in what I was going to do, so I wanted it to keep the sky at night, I painted it dark, but I didn't wanna keep it all dark, but I didn't want it to make it too bright so I added a blue that was right color to me not a bright blue, yet not too dark. I added the blue low around the sky, and I wanted to make the top of the sky different kind of odd, and an otter space look and feel, so I decided to make it a bright red. Now I started thinking in where I was going to place the town, I wanted the town to look like if it was hid in from the rest of the world so I made the otter of the town look empty. Doing this I was hoping to give the village a magic look, and feel, so at the top off the mountain I added a red ball just to make the viewer wonder, and think what could that mean. the black part of the sky looked empty so I added some stars.        

Postcard Art - William Hale - The Peaceful Path

This art piece started with a simple tape transfer. First, I used a regular color pencil to make the concept of my background . Secondly, I used a marker to outline the rode so it can pop out more. Thirdly, I used a blue marker to color the sky a peaceful blue, and used a gold marker to color the sun to show it's setting. Lastly, I glued the the tape transfer to the card. Since it was hard to see the Obama picture, I took a black sharpie to outline the body and some details of his shirt, pants, and tie.