Thursday, May 30, 2013

Karina Pina - Sticker Art - "Natures Beauty"

My experience making my piece to show how nature can beautify the ugliness was wonderful. However, there was more to my idea than shown above. I wanted to really show the ugliness that human kind has caused and neglected to clean up that has been overflowing on a large scale our world and in a smaller scale our community. That is why I created my piece to show the beauty it brings canceling out the ugliness as much as it can. However, people need to start to realize the damage they cause to our world. It is never to late to fix something and make it better. Yet aside from fixing and cleaning up after ourselves we as people need to appreciate our natural surroundings and the value it holds. Not only does nature and its natural occurrences serve as a decoration to beautify our surroundings but they help regulate the cycle of our world in order for everything to function properly. Nature is our unconditional nurse that gives the world check ups to see if it is healthy and fine. So lets not be the poison and germs that contaminate and sicken our wonderful world. 

Elizabeth Sandoval - Sticker Art - "Above and Beyond"

I believe that beauty can be found anywhere. Everyone has different taste, if they just look a little closer they'll realize that beauty has always been there. Personally, I find beauty in a simple fallen leaf from a tree, I can go hours staring at it because to me it's perfect. I love the details, the texture, and the change in color. You need to allow yourself to look above and beyond of societies' consideration of norms, and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you.

Jessica Cazares - Sticker Art - "LIVE"

My theme was beautification through nature. I got the inspiration from a nature magazine. I saw a picture of an empty field of grass. I thought it looked boring, so I decided to add some flowers to add color. I also added kites because I wanted it to be like a fun day in the park. I added a blueish background to make it seem like if it was a nice day outside. My message is that anything can be made beautiful. In this case I changed the empty field of grass and added different colors, kites and flowers to make it seem more alive.

Stephfon Jones-Sticker Art-"The Happening"

The message im sending in this picture is that every plant feels like they need to give back too the world and every plant feel they need to get back at the world! my image show that a plant is killing everything around it.

Johanna Calva -Sticker Art- "Day N Night"

The message I'm trying to send Is that nature is a wonderful and mysterious thing. Especially at night and day, because nature is a piece of art that could be interpreted  in many ways by all kind of people. For example for me art is everywhere and it can be seen differently in the mornings and at night.

Cecilia Banuelos - Sticker Art - "Inspire"

            I think that through this sticker, I was thinking about what some people wish to do. Sometimes I wish that I was able to fly and just go anywhere on my own. By using the image of the bird, I tried to depict him/her flying to an unknown destination. I wrote the word "inspire" because I wish that people are inspired to achieve their dreams in order to inspire others to do the same. I think that the community needs something to grasp on so they can feel like they can achieve their goals and help others as well.

Erika Rodea - Sticker Art - "Hope"

The message of this sticker is to bring hope to the people that think that the nature is disappearing of the cities, people can do many things to change and make the cities more pretty with trees and flowers, but the people need to have hope that they can do many thing to change the city and have more nature.

Natanael Nava-sticker art-smile

This picture I chose was a inspiration to make people smile and how the worl is beautiful with pacman because he is a lovable game character .

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Sticker Art is a fun form of Guerrilla Art one can see around the city. Stickers are not permanent, but a fun way to share artwork multiple times throughout the city.  Stickers can be given away (everyone LOVES stickers) to people to use on various belongings. Therefore those people become walking galleries of sticker art.

Our Guerrilla students designed stickers to pass on the message of beauty. Our neighborhood (like most inner city places) has areas of blight; garbage strewn, weed filled abandoned buildings/lots. They strove to create a sticker design that fosters art and nature to combat the ugliness.

The stickers are being given to our local community group, Good Things Grow Midway. The group uses art and gardening to improve the neighborhood. GTGM will give away the stickers throughout the area.

Students are also responsible for giving away one sticker themselves, as a gift of free art.


Forgive the lateness of this post. It should have been before the scanned artwork.

Hero Trading Cards is a project we have worked on and off since February. It is a big project involving  Research, Discussion, Lino-Cut Printing, Creative Writing, Package Design.  However, we are joyfully wrapping it up!

Students worked as groups to create sets of trading cards that feature social justice heroes. Each student chose a hero who is alive today, creating change for social justice. The students formed groups of six and researched their heroes, sharing them with each other and eliciting discussion about the problems and actions each hero faces.

Each student then designed and carved portraits of their hero onto 4" x 6" linoleum blocks. These were used to print multiple sets of portraits onto thick bristol paper to make the cards. Each group of six had to produce 9 full sets of trading cards.

Students spent a unit learning about envisioning and expression in order to produce creative writing for the back of the trading cards.. We were very lucky to have Polly Mills of Columbia College to help design and teach us a very special workshop about creative writing. Their writing was designed to inform the viewer about the:
1. Bio of Hero
2. Problems Hero is solving and why
3. How the Hero solved the problems.
4. What the Hero wants the world to do to help.

What made their writing interesting is that the student imagined they WERE the hero and wrote their essay in the heroes "voice". So when one reads the back of the trading card, it feels as though the hero is speaking directly to the viewer.

Trading cards were cut and assembled. Students made envelopes to serve as packaging. (images to come soon).
Complete sets of trading cards are given to Social Studies teachers in high schools to use to educate students about today's heroes.  Of course, each student keeps a full set of cards as well.
Please look through the blog and learn about the heroes of our class.

Jonathan Aguilar - Sticker Art - Bright

The theme was beautification through nature and anrt because the colors are bright so its suppose to help you choose bright ideas. I got the idea from walking around and seeing bright flowers and paintings.

Xiaojing Huang-Sticker Art-"The Visitor World"

I enjoy using the magazines for the texts. I used color pencils, markers to created my image. This image shows sun,rocks,tree,flowers and people of what we can see in the nature. People enjoy places that have a great view of clean and healthy air. I would like to go to a place like this and to take pictures.

Tracy Deng - Sticker Art - "Hope"


             my experience making this piece of art is that nature can be beautiful and ugly at the same time. Through this picture, i want people to have hope in the nature. You can turn anything from negative to positive if you have hope and believe in yourself. Love your nature and have hope !

Friday, May 24, 2013

Stephfon Jones- Trading Cards- "Al Sharpton"


Tracy Deng - Trading Hero - "Ruby Dee"

I chose Ruby Dee as my hero because she's such an inspiration to many young people. She made a impact in making our world a better place. Thats something we should all learn from her. She used her acting opportunity to help what she believed in. She also created a scholarship for  talented young African American to pursue their dreams. 0

Catalina Escobar

I think Catalina Escobar is a very honorable person. I admired her dedication to her foundation, named after her son, because it has helped many mothers and babies in Columbia. She is an example of a hard worker, she started small with just an idea but that idea got bigger and caught the attention of many. I felt a lot of admiration for her because she witnessed the death of two babies, one being her son. If  I was in her place I would be heartbroken, but she used that motivation to help her succeed in her organization. When I was researching her I envisioned her as a very caring person and very easily to talk to. I imagined she had a soft voice. I also envision her always having a smile on her face.

Karina Pina - Hero Trading Card ''The Guerrilla Girls"

Choosing my hero was not so hard because I knew I wanted to create a real hero like the ones we see on TV. The guerrilla girls made that easy because in a way they are like super natural heroes with masks to protect their identity but at the same time they fight against issues that oppress people to be inferior to others rather than battling it out with people fist to fist. The guerrilla girls achieved great accomplishments for females in general and people of color. But most importantly they achieved respect and equality from people in the art field. 

Dan Moreno-Hero Trading Card- "Serj Tankian"

Serj Tankian is a great example of how the creation of art (music, film, paintings, etc.) is  often a powerful tool we could use to help aid us in the fight against injustice. The connection I share with my hero is this tool. The process of creation itself is an empty space of freedom ready to be filled. No limitations. Nothing to hold you back.

Raul Blancas- Hero Trading Card- Bob Dylan

I really feel like I got to know a lot more about Bob Dylan. I had heard of him before but I never really knew a whole lot about him. With this project, I got a sense of who he is, and where he came from. I'm very happy with the hero that I picked. I was surprised to learn all of the achievements the he accomplished. Overall, I liked learning about Bob Dylan and who he was as a hero and person.  

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Xiaojing Huang-Hero Trading Card-"Grace Lee Boggs"

I like craving and printing of my hero. This is a very famous person and she did a lot of protest to help others. From wait I learned from her is that we need to gain power in a group to get what we need. We need to listen to each other and do what we can to help. Everyone can join together as a whole to develop the success in life.

Luis Munoz-Hero Trading Card-'David Kato'

I felt good researching David Kato because i learned new things about him. I'm glad to have learned about him and how he helped gay people in Africa.

Lisette Carbajal: Hero trading card- Clotilde Dedecker

I would love for people to help out my organization and help these girls out. They deserve an education just like we do. They can go on with their lives and make something out of it instead of being at home doing "Women" jobs. Us girls are more than that, we are capable to do anything we want.

Johanna Calva: Hero Trading Card- " Dr. GloriaWilderBrathwaite"

I way I protest is  by going around and talking to clinics about opening a program for people that need health care. Opened a clinic for all type of people to join and to be attended no matter what their situation is. I will prove that it doesn't matter where you come from or where you live you can still have the same rights even though you live in the inner cities.

Ivette Valadez - Hero Trading Card - "Zachary Bonner"

I enjoyed creating a trading card, it gave me an opportunity to research real heroes. When I found out about Zachary Bonnet and what he did to make a difference was shocking. At a very young age he created "The Little Red Wagon Foundation," to help homeless youth. I enjoyed drawing and carving his  facial features to create a trading card, so that everyone else knows about him as not just me.

Natanael Nava Hero Trading Card - Banksy

I felt good researching my activist because what he did was a putting art in thecommunity. He's part of it as well so I thought that was good that he was standing up for his own rights and for what he wanted. He achieved what he wanted and is known worldwide. even thoe it was illegal art LOL.

Cecilia Banuelos - Hero Trading Card - "Luis Gutierrez"

When I did this artwork I felt like I learned a lot about the process of carving. When I was carving I noticed how dangerous it is to carve the linoleum but if you are careful it is possible to make a great artwork. As I was doing this I enjoyed the experience of getting into the character's shoes to create the little essay/speech. I enjoyed this artwork very much, it was really interesting to use the paint and make many prints along with my classmates. It might not look like the real Luis Gutierrez but the experience was great.

Elizabeth Sandoval - Hero Trading Card - "Ahangamage Tudor Ariyaratne"

When making my artwork, I got really irritated because it took me a long time to carve into his face. I then got mad afterwards because when I inked my artwork, I had to go back and re-carve his whole face because I had to many lines and his facial features weren't able to be seen. 

Aniko Thomas - Hero Trading Card - "Wyclef Jean"

This was a cool experience for me because I got to becom esomeone I'm not. And the perso i became was a positive influence on not only his country but the world.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Matt Foreman

I felt good researching my activist because what he did was a civil rights movement for all the LBGT community. He's part of it as well so I thought that was good that he was standing up for his own rights and for what he wanted. He achieved what he wanted and is known worldwide.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Erika Rodea Hero Trading Card "Anil Naidoo"

When I was working in hero trading card project I think about the people like Anil Naidoo that do many things to help others and they not get nothing back, they only want to do something to make this world better. My experience doing the hero trading card was very interesting because I use tools that I never use before and I learn new things about others heroes that help in many ways

Hero Trading Card - "Sarah Brady"

Hero Trading Card - "Jody Williams"

Monday, May 20, 2013

Mariana Perez- Hero Trading Card -"Gloria Steinem"

Making the hero trading cards was an amazing experience I enjoyed every second of it! I got to learn about great people that I really knew nothing about. I also got to feel like I was that person and felt like a hero myself! It was a long progress but in the end it was worth it!