Thursday, December 19, 2013

Postcard Art - Funky Town BD

The first step towards creating my tape transfer was to select various images from magazines that would be easy to transfer. I cut the images out and tape it entirely. With a Popsicle stick I burnished the tape on top of the image, but cautious of not doing it too hard.After that I cut out excess tape and then place the tape transfer into a bucket of warm/hot water. While I waited for that to process I created more tape transfers. After a couple of minutes I removed the tape transfer from the bucket of water and began to rub away all the paper from the back side of the image. I was careful of not rubbing or scratching away the image. Lastly, I thought of a way to incorporate most of my tape transfers to my background. I decided to do something fun and colorful.

   This was the first time that I've done a tape transfer and it really was amazing to learn how simple materials can create nice pieces of artwork.

Postcard Art - Samantha Rodriguez- "Dark Sundays and Sunny Mondays"

In order to make a tap transfer art piece, I first used packaging tape to tape over the image I wanted. The image I choice (which can barely see now) was a blurry/transparent photograph of a house in the woods during the winter time. It gave off a dark, eerie mood. Once the image was taped I rubbed the tape down to the image to make sure the ink of the image was collected. After that I soaked my taped image in hot water in order to soften the paper. Once the paper was soften I rubbed it off until I had my transparent image. I did an overlay of my artwork with the tape transfer. Once that was done I went over the tape transfer with paint to have a better flow for my art piece.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Postcard Art - Joel Ponce - New Night

                                      New Night

My work is taken from Vincent van Gogh work starry night, I choose this work from him, because there is so much going on, so I took the basic part of the painting which I though was the city, and I made my own version of the sky. I at first didn't have an idea in what I was going to do, so I wanted it to keep the sky at night, I painted it dark, but I didn't wanna keep it all dark, but I didn't want it to make it too bright so I added a blue that was right color to me not a bright blue, yet not too dark. I added the blue low around the sky, and I wanted to make the top of the sky different kind of odd, and an otter space look and feel, so I decided to make it a bright red. Now I started thinking in where I was going to place the town, I wanted the town to look like if it was hid in from the rest of the world so I made the otter of the town look empty. Doing this I was hoping to give the village a magic look, and feel, so at the top off the mountain I added a red ball just to make the viewer wonder, and think what could that mean. the black part of the sky looked empty so I added some stars.        

Postcard Art - William Hale - The Peaceful Path

This art piece started with a simple tape transfer. First, I used a regular color pencil to make the concept of my background . Secondly, I used a marker to outline the rode so it can pop out more. Thirdly, I used a blue marker to color the sky a peaceful blue, and used a gold marker to color the sun to show it's setting. Lastly, I glued the the tape transfer to the card. Since it was hard to see the Obama picture, I took a black sharpie to outline the body and some details of his shirt, pants, and tie.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Postcard Art - SilvaCynthia Chi-City

Throughout the project I wasn't sure what I wanted, I just knew I wanted to involve Chicago. I painted the background red to represent both the violence and passion in Chicago. Many people think Chicago is full of violence, which it is, but there's a lot of passionate people here as well. That's why I included the words in "tagging letter" to represent how these letters are connected both to the tagging crew and gangs here in Chicago; but also many people around the city use this type of art to express themselves and art. There's a black slash in the card to split the city almost, the smaller side is darker which represents the violence in Chicago and the bigger brighter side to represent the passion good and hope in Chicago still. I put Chi-city instead of Chicago because to think it represents it better and myself.

Postcard Art - Moises Perez - Symphony Over the Sunset

While working on this postcard, I knew that I wanted to make something different. Something darker. With a limited selection of inks available for me to use, I used the plentiful black to turn my background into a complete void. I knew that the tape transfers would be difficult to see against the darkness, however, and proceeded to utilize a watercolor orange, splashing it upon the darkness in an attempt to make something akin to a mono-color aurora against a night sky. I further accentuated the transition of orange to black with a red perma-marker. I soon discovered this to be a mistake, since the red now stands out a lot, through the tape transfer.
I felt the primary tape transfer to be an indication of the cityscape of where I'm from. The building reminded me of the Chicago theater in the mid-twentieth century, which the black and white effect furthered. I knew it needed to be the subject of my postcard. It felt bad defacing the striking image for the purpose of this tape transfer, but I knew it was necessary. The individuals on the left and right are supposed to symbolize the audience of the symphony, looking upon performance.
All of my photo sources, alongside the dark background, do not mix well together in my opinion. It's dark enough to symbolize the bustling nightlife of the time, but too dark to really tell what's going on.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Postcard Art - Ricardo Bravo - Dragon-Eize

Ricardo Bravo: Dragon-Eize

Postcard Art - Diaz Emelin - Sea Fishes

First I grabbed some magazine, and look for pictures that I thought were interesting. As I flip to the magazines I cut a picture of  Fishes, Eye, And a skyline. Then I  grabbed tape and grabbed my picture of the fishes and I grabbed the tape and put it on top of the picture until it was all covered by the tape I went to the same process for the other two pictures I had then I grabbed a bucket i filled it up with hot water then I grabbed a stick and started to burnish the paper for about 3 min then  I put it in the bucket so it could soak in the  hot water  I did the same process for the other two then I grabbed one picture and took it out and started to take the paper away with my hands by rubbing it. Then I my image was transparent.Then I grabbed the Note card and did a design as the sea I cut my fishes and glue them in the note card then I just colored them with markers.

What I learned by Developing my Craft is how to transferred the image into the tape and get the same exact image.

I Created a unity with my transfer and my image background by trying to make my image like the sea with the bubbles and the fishes swimming. I also tried to make my fishes colorful so they can stand up. Then I also made the bubbles go over my fishes so I can make it seem like the bubbles are going pass the fishes.

Postcard Art - Akeelah Brown- perfect imperfections

Postcard Art - Marcus Haskins

Postcard Art - Rebeca delaTorre- "Music Takes me Home"

Rebeca delaTorre- "Music Takes me Home"

As I was working on this, I used to the media to explore ideas. I kept on running into a lot of cool things, but I somehow kept coming back to music. Maybe its because its always been such a huge passion of mine. I wanted to incorporate it in my postcard, so that is what I ended up doing. Throughout the process, I have to admit, I did get frustrated. That was only because I had chosen a good quality magazine to work with. So yes, I was frustrated at a certain point, but in the end, it was all worth it. For the finished piece, I was a little disappointed only because I knew that I could have done a better job at planning it. However, it doesn't mean I totally hate it. I still like it very much, but I know that I was capable of a much better job. Then again, this was my first time doing a tape transfer so I still have much to learn. I hope to continue to work with tape transfers. Its one of the coolest things I've done when it comes to art.

Postcard Art - Juan Ramirez "Assassin"

To create my piece I first started looking through different magazines searching for pictures I liked or caught my attention. After cutting out the images I placed tape over my pictures and dipped them into water, soaking the images for a few minutes. When I retrieved  my images from the bucket of water I started to peel off the picture from the tape. The image stayed on the tape so I got a plain white card and started adding designs and color to it. After I got my card the way I wanted it I added my images and made my card the way I liked it to look. I learned many new things that I liked about this project, especially seeing how the image stayed on the tape even after taking off the paper. How I created unity with my background and images is that I used dark colors and a dark theme to blend in with the picture of an assassin.

Postcard Art - Jonathan Mendiola "Exit Through The Colors"

Postcard Art - Gerardo DeLuna Jr."The Lost Farm"

Postcard Art - Karina Nicole Arciga "Finding Superman"

My piece is “Finding Superman”. This was a brand new type of art work for me to learn. I have never done this before but it was really cool to do. Though, it was hard, I learned how to be patient with the Tape Transfers. At first I was really frustrated when I was taping, trying to soak the picture, and trying to rub off the left over paper in the back of the tape transfer. That got me really impatient and mad. Some of the materials I used were 3 new pictures, tape, warm water, air bubble stick, and a bucket. First I cut out three pictures I really liked. It didn’t have to be related to the other pictures it’s just what you liked. Then, I put take over my pictures I cut out. Next, I burnished them, that’s when you sort of take out the air bubbles. After I burnished the pictures, I placed them in a warm bucket of water to soak in. After I let the pictures soak for a while, I rub away the paper in the back with my finger gently. I had to make sure I didn’t rub so hard or so much because then I would rub away the picture that was left.
            This was a new experience for me. I really enjoyed doing tape transfers because it’s different than just painting or drawing but it was really difficult for me to rub away the back of the picture and to soak the pictures for a while. This project really taught me to be patient and to give up so easy. It was hard at first but with practice it got a little better.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Postcard Art - Adriana Gomez: " The Invisible Dragon"

Postcard Art - Ramon Zaragoza: LIve Fast Die Young

I used water, tape, newspaper, sticks, and scissors. First, I picked the newspaper I was going to cut. I cut them and then taped them. Then I dipped it in bucket water. After, I rubbed the paper off. My fingers felt soft and my index finger was sore after a while because I rubbed it so much. I learned that you need to be precise and patient.
            I cut one half of the car off. Then I tried and drew the other half  trying to make it look the same. I also colored the background grayish so it can match the other sides color. There was a couple different medias u used. I used paintbrushes with the water colors, color pencils, and acrylic paint too. I was frustrated somewhat because the color was hard to get on some parts.

Postcard Art - Johnathan Yanez:Geico 15 minutes can Safe you 15 %

 In this project I used  water, tape, newspaper, sticks, and scissors. First, I picked the newspaper I was going to cut. I cut them and then taped them. And I gave a popsicle  stick and I rubbed over it so it would stay together. Then I dipped it in a bucket of water. After, I rubbed the paper with my finger and I took the off the wet paper  and let the ink stay there . My fingers felt soft and my index finger was sore after a while because I rubbed it so much. My hand stared hurting a lot form my elbow I learned that you need to be precise and patient. And take your time doing this art project  
            I colored the background green so it could seen that he's in the forest. A lot of green and also blue so it would mach with the picture There was a couple different media I used. I used paintbrushes with the water colors, color pencils, and acrylic paint too. I was frustrated somewhat because the color was hard to get on some parts.

Postcard Art - Gabriela Medina - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

   First, I chose the picture then put the tape over it. Next, I flattened the picture onto the tape with the popsicle stick. Then, dip the picture into the water and let it soak for as long as it needs to. After, I took the picture out and rub my finger against the back to remove the paper from the tape. Once I finished, the photograph remained on the tape; making the take transfer.
   I learned that you must be patient with the picture while it soaks. Your creativity helps develop your artwork. Its a piece that I got to work with on my own and do whatever I want with it. I thought of when I take a picture, you could be taking it of anything yet you can make something more of it. I put all of these different colors and figures to show that pictures create a whole different image then what you really see. I really wanted the flash to stand out the most because that gives pictures their brightness. 

Postcard Art - Jennifer Martinez: Ancient

First, I looked at magazines and picked out several pictures. I cut them out and put tape all over the picture side. Next, we burnished the pictures. Then I filled a bucket with warm water. I put the taped pictures in there and let them soak. After like 20 or 15 minutes I took one of them out. I turned the picture so the taped side was on the bottom. I started rubbing off the paper so only the image would stay on the tape. Once in a while I had to wet it a bit so the paper wouldn't get dry. I did the same for all of the pictures I had taped. I then had to paint a note card to use it as the background for our images. Once that was done we picked the transfers that I wanted to use on the note card. After i had glued the pictures I had to make the images connect with the background.

I learned how to transfer a picture on to tape. Another I learned was how to make the background connect with the actual images. I did the connection by doing the squiggly lines. I think that helped out the pictures a lot. In the beginning I had only colored it with a light brown color pencil. It didn't really look like it went together so that's what made me decide to use a marker instead. Now it looks a bit better.

Altered Transfer Postcards

Guerrilla Students created mailable art! Art can be interactive and communicative. The post is a great way to communicate. Sending art out into the community is a big goal of ours. Mailing art is an awesome way to achieve that. This is Postcard Art.

First they learned how to make a tape transfer. This is an awesome process for transferring found images (from magazines) to packing tape, thus resulting in a transparent image to use for collaging onto another surface.

Next, students used 3 or more media to create a background for their work. The objective of this step was to STRETCH AND EXPLORE how different kinds of media can interact with each other. Students could work representational or abstract as they chose. They were to consider color, texture, and layering of different media. Students ENVISIONED how their chosen images might look layered over the background, thus helping them make choices in creating the background.

Thirdly, students altered their tape transfers so that they no longer looked like strips of tape. The objective was to have transparent images to use for their background. They could choose to alter by:
DECONSTRUCTION: cutting up transfer images and reassembling to be unrecognizable as an image, but read as color, texture, line, shape (abstracted)
SELECT: Choosing parts of the image to cut and use (discard rest)
They had to make thoughtful choices about where the images should be glued to incorporate into the background successfully.

Lastly, students worked back into the background using paint, paint markers, & colored sharpies to UNIFY the whole piece. The objective was to make sure that transfer images were fully incorporated into the background as a unified whole work.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Guerrilla Curating

Students have been thinking about Guerrilla Curation. 

  • What exactly IS a Guerrilla/Street artist? Are there criteria we use to define one?
  •  How do Street/Guerrilla Artists curate their work?
  • Why are they putting artwork into our everyday world?
  • Where do these artists show their work for maximum impact? 
  • How does this affect the marketing of artwork, making a buck?
  • How much does market value on an artwork affect our definition of the artist who created it?
  • What do we think about street artists that have "crews" who help them create and install works? How do we compare this to age old practice of traditional artists and their apprentices? How little work should the "artist" be doing before we question their authenticity (if apprentices are doing most of the work).
  • What do we think about Guerrilla artists who appropriate other images/artworks and use them for their own work? How does this affect our definition of an artist?
  • What are our limits and criteria for knowing the difference between "artistic appropriation" and "copying". How do we reconcile this with the age old practice of appropriation by famous traditional artists?

  • Students watched Banksy's "Exit Through The Gift Shop", which addresses some of these same issues.
    They engaged in debates around these issues. Videos will be uploaded to show these amazing discussions.

    Thursday, October 24, 2013

    breakdance andrew diaz

    main idea break dance ibelieve that this represents a cycle that this can mean two things the right spin means the right way the left spin means thats the wrong path that people take when they make decisions an also it can mean that when you break dance you gotta spin as fast as you can to spin longer faster and also stronger  so how hard you try to spin thats how you will spin longer iwould like to [post it all over the world to be able to get messages out and show people that the decisoins you take can hurt you or help you out but when the dude dosent spoin as how he wanted to spin he just put his hands and pushes himself again to spin more and do better this time

    David Campos: EAT

    My idea for this altered sign was to make a sign that was extremely similar to the original, but different enough to notice right away. I used the “Do Not Enter” sign as a base, and altered the message, by making the sign look like a cheeseburger. The reaction I wanted to get from the viewer was for them to see it and be somewhat amused and also have a lasting impression of it for the rest of the day.
    While working on this art piece, I began to develop better techniques for my craft. I learned how to properly pace myself in completing each important step. As a class, we worked at a certain pace, and I had to do something different in order to keep up. I did multiple practice prints to make sure my stencil would work on the actual thing. It took me about 2 weeks to fully complete the sign, with all the planning, practicing and creating that took place in between.

    Overall, I’m not as satisfied with the final product as I thought I would be when I first planned it. I think it has a lot to do with the time factor and the lack of options after already starting the design. I also didn’t correctly cut out the “A” in “EAT”. I do like the way I cut out the circle shape, and also the depth of the 2 colors on it. Next time, I’ll be a little neater, and try to come up with a clearer image. 
    Erik Rojas "Ridding Deer" 5th

    The sign I altered was the “slow down crossing deer’s ahead”. I altered this sign because I was going to use the same deer to make a riding deer sign. The idea for my altered street sign came up when I imagined a deer actually crossing the street on a bike, and I actually though that would be something funny to make. This sign is usually put on streets like in the middle of the forest. When people see my altered street sign I want them to have a fun reaction like a little laugh. I would like my sign to be displayed on a street that I s in the middle of the forest or woods because it would actually make sense than to see in the city. I made a simple bike under the deer to make it seemed like the deer is actually riding on it.
    I probably had experience with more than two habits but ill actually just put two. The first one was Engage and Persist my experience with this was through the entire project because I was always engaged into doing a real good job. I didn't think I was going to do an OK job since I hate to draw. The second habit I had experience with was Develop craft.
    Before I started the actual project I had to learn some key thing about stencils. I put a lot of time to the drawing on the stencil because I really wanted it to come out real good, but you actually never get what you want. I was done with the drawing part and then came the cutting. I was starting and then I realized I needed bridges it wasn't too late, but I did make a mistake. At the beginning I didn't think I was going to be able to draw the bike and the deer. It actually came out really good better than I expected. I was trying to express that the deer should have some fun too you know. When we were doing thumbnails I didn't have no idea of what to do so I looked at what everyone else was coming up with and then the light bulb whet on. 

    "Ghost Busters" Adriana Gomez 5th

    Artist Statement

    My idea for my altered street sign was ghost busters do not enter sign. I chose this idea because of a song, it’s called Ghost busters  It’s a song from the old days and since I like oldies music it was perfect. I also got this idea from the movie ghost busters, they have the sign I made on the movie, I kind of got the idea from that as well because I like the movie. How I want people to react to this sign is don’t enter or else something will follow you home, like a ghost. I think if it were in the streets some people would have a good laugh or at least a smile on their face when they see it. I developed express and develop craft because I was trying to express what I was trying to show a new way of a do not enter sign. I showed it by doing the ghost busters sign. Developed craft because I've never done a stencil paper before so mostly all the tools I used were something new to me like the x acto knife, the stencil paper, gesso paint to make the paint in the stencil paper darker. My over all experience to this project was fun, because it’s something new. Maybe in the future I will use this just to make signs around my house or maybe just for fun; I’ll probably show people how to do them.

    Wednesday, October 23, 2013

    "Mickey and Minnie Mouse" Gerardo DeLuna Jr.

               Artist statement
    My idea for my altered street sign was about Mickey and Minnie Mouse,” crossing road” sign. I chose this idea because I would always see Mickey and Minnie Mouse on TV and they would always be holding hands walking crossing the street. I wanted to confuse the eye by people looking back at the sign and being surprise at what they see. I always like the show and would see all the shows on tv that’s how I got my idea. . How I want people to react to this sign is so that people know that there is a person crossing the street and so cars can be more careful. I think if it were in the streets some people would have a good laugh or at least a smile on their face when they see it and it would also remind them about their childhood. I developed express and develop craft because I was trying to express, to show a new way of a crossing road sign. I showed it by doing a Mickey and Minnie Mouse sign. Developed craft because I’ve never done a stencil paper before in that way. All the tools I used were something new to me like the x acto knife, the stencil paper. My over all experience to this project was fun, because it’s something new that I’ve never done before. In the future I will use this to make signs just for fun I’ll probably show people how to do them and my little sister too.

    Samantha Rodriguez: "Help Yourself.."

    My concept for the Altered Sign project was to create a cleaning awareness sign. I used a construction sign of a man digging to a man mopping and added the words “Please Help Yourself”. The reaction I’m looking for is to have people care and clean up not only after themselves but just in general; to have the urge to not only clean but to help keep the earth clean. As for a place to be hung, the idea is to have it be anywhere were it is deemed necessary but in contradiction to the man mopping I feel that it can only be hung in the Guerrilla Art Museum for humorous proposes.
    During the process of creating my art piece, I developed my craft skills more. Although already knowing how to use an x-acto knife I was able to learn how to create a proper stencil with ties (bridges) in the proper places. I did many practice prints on applying the paint correctly and evenly. I had to apply small amounts of paint on my sponge and carefully holding down the stencil while dabbing the paint through the stencil.
    As a whole, I am a bit disappointed with the finished sign. There is so much that could be improved. I wish I could have developed the idea more to make more sense and not confuse people. With this project coming to an end I can only learn to further expand my ideas and correctly plan out the execution of it.

                                          Altered Stop Sign 


    My street altered sign is from a stop sign changing it to say "Stop Drop N Roll" taking from the way in case caught on fire as kids we were told to drop and roll around. I made my own letters it gave me some trouble, but I was able to make letters to work out. I had some trouble fitting, so I had to rearrange the last 'L'. When I used the materials I didn't have trouble expect for one time when I accidentally cut myself using the x-acto knife other then that everything went good. I like my idea, because it is original I took things from my mind, and put it all together. 

    Johnathan Yanez slow down

    My idea came from the episode the simpson with homer eating the donuts in the episode eating a donut but instead of Homer I put a women on the street sign I want people to look at it and to laugh and to talk about it and to tell people want they have seen I a sign and to take a picture of it I would like to put my street sign in the a fast food Dunkin’ Donuts because it has to deal with donuts and Dunkin’ donuts has to deal with a donut
     when I was cutting my stencil I use a exactor knife you hold the top off it to you won’t get cute I use the method of developing craft I also use my stencil step by step I research and planned my stretch carefully and I didn’t knew how to do the art work of cutting a stencil so what I didi was stretch and explored to found out how was the stencils work .

    Juan Ramirez "Go Skateboarding"

    Juan Ramirez
    Multimedia art 5th

                The idea of my altered sign was to encourage skaters to go out and skateboard. All over Chicago I see “no skateboarding” signs or people getting kicked out of places. With my sign I want people to go skateboard, I want people to go skateboard wherever they want. I want my sign to be put all over the city to encourage kids to have fun and do something they enjoy like skateboarding. I want my sign to be seen al over the word; I want my sign to be carried with skaters on June 21st which is national go skate day. I want people to e encouraged and feel safe. People brings all types of people together which is why I like it so much and encourage it.

    Well before I even did anything I had to think about my ideas and the sign I wanted to make. Once I had an idea of what I wanted I used my tools after learning how to use them properly. After getting the shape of my sign and how adding the paint, I had to make new things like making stencils. I went and learned many new things with all these steps and projects. I like how my stencil came out in the end, for my first time I think it came out pretty nice.

    Tuesday, October 22, 2013

    Jonathan Mendiola "Enter Here


    My altered street sign consist of a “Do not enter” street sign. I made so it can confuse people, confusing and original. The reactions that I expect from people is, the thought of it being original, unique, and creative.  I would like to see my sign as a real actual street sign out in the streets where you can actually enter. But the design of the street sign will make drivers think twice before they enter!
    I never really experimented with art or art tools before and never really knew how to properly us art tools. Each art tool has specific ways to use and hold. Some holding techniques or for the safety of the artist and other for the quality the tool will produce for you. After days of practice I learned to use a sponge to apply paint to my art correctly and an x-acto knife properly to make precise cuts and use safety concerns.  Like I said before each art tool has its specific way of using it, it just takes practice to master it.  The personal meaning I gave to my art work is creativity, and confusion. I want people to be confused when they look at my art, but at the same time I want them to think it’s creative, original, and unique.  I want to see my art as a difference in society instead of seeing graffiti on street sings I want them to see something original and creative. That’s what I want my art to stand out for.

    Ramon Zaragoza Altered Street Sign

    To start with, every time were on the highway I’m looking around and see the road signs. I see the construction signs and see what are on them. I see the one with the guy and the shovel with a pile of dirt. As people pass through it, I want them to glance at it once, then look again and realize it as a different sign. I see them mostly around the expressways because there always on construction. Next, the habits I picked were “Develop Craft” and “Engage and Persist”. For develop craft I used it when I was cutting the stencils. The way I had to use the exacto knife. Which way I had to cut and how and how I had to turn the paper. For “Engage and Persist”, I was painting the stencils with the sponge. I kept getting paint under the stencil because I used too much paint. If not, then the stencil would lift up. In conclusion, I kept trying and held the stencil down the right way from the right spots where it should be held and finally did it right. 

    Emelin Diaz "warning"


    Warning !
            My idea for my street sign is a stop sign with a cell phone in middle. I want people to see the sign, and know to stop texting wild they drive. People usually get into accidents because they text and drive. There are people who don’t understand that texting and driving could cause serious consequences. I will like to hang them in the express way. That’s where serious accidents occur and people could die.
    I learn how to use an X-Acto knife properly. So I won’t have an accident with the X-Acto knife because there could be serious accident with not knowing the proper way to use a new tool.

    I observe each step Mrs. Xanos teach us so I won’t mess-up or do something I won’t suppose to do. I looked at her demonstration carefully to get the results she had. I went over my mistakes, so i can do a better job next time. 

    Jose Bobadilla: Alien Way

     My idea came from the movie ET when the kids and the alien flu away on the bicycles.  So I thought about all the “one way” signs that are at every corner of a street and every driver has to check for that sign before they turn so my sign is going to be very visible for a lot of people.  I’m going to hang my sign on the corner of a street. My people look at it I want them to laugh. While I was making my art I choose two habits of mind: “Develop Craft” and “stretch & Explore”.  For develop craft I was learning how to use the exacto knife. I had to learn how to hold the knife and the way I had to hold the paper and cut. For “stretch & Explore” I had to get confidence on myself in order to finish my art. I didn’t think I was going to be able to do the entire stencil. In conclusion, I did all my best to cut the stencil the right way and paint my stencil the right way.

    Marvel Karina Nicole Arciga

    My artist for my street sign was to make the “Marvel” logo. I really like superheroes so I wanted to make my sign reflect that I like superheroes. That is where I got the idea from. When people see my street sign, I want people to be surprised. I want them to remember about superheroes. I want them to look two times and to think about how superheroes impacted them and me especially as a child and even now how they impact us and how we see people can do good. Everyone can be seen as a superhero in different ways and in different actions.
                One of the habits that were really helpful to me was envisioning. Envisioning is mentally observing and imagining how my work is going to turn out. My planning was that, I made a few thumbnails in different shapes and sizes trying to figure out what I would do. I made my final plan so I could actually do it on my stencil. I really wanted my final piece to turn out different. Originally, I thought it would come out nicer than what it actually looks like. I wanted it to be bold and to stand out. I was envisioning it different but it came out weird.
                Another habit that I really helped me in my piece was express. Express is showing your feeling and an idea that you like. My idea that I was expressing was superheroes. I really like superheroes and I wanted people to remember superheroes. When I was little, I really liked them and looked up to them because of their abilities and how they helped other people. So I wanted to show off that idea of the heroes and how they impacted me and my life and I wanted to remind people of heroes by my work. 

    Gabriela Medina: Look Out for Unicorns!

    Look Out for Unicorns!
    My project was an altered Caution sign. My ideas came from my love for unicorns and no one really used unicorns so I thought I’d be different.  Next, I’d like people to think it’s funny and different. People would hopefully be amused. Well I wish because I thought it was pretty amusing. Also, I would like it to be hanged at any time of gateway or entry. Before you enter somewhere new; just so people could be like, “…wait…what?” It’d be hilarious. This type of artwork was completely new to me. I was trying to express some humor in my sign. Unicorns are random. It’s not every day you see a sign like that. Then, after I was done I felt like I needed to improve on the neatness. It was a little messy on some parts. Working a little slower and taking my time would have helped me create a much better sign. But overall, I am proud of my artwork, I stated before I am pretty proud of my work, which I still am. I worked really hard on it and I feel as if the outcome was good enough for a beginner. My altered Caution sign is definitely my favorite. Although if I ever work again on a piece like this I will learn from my mistakes and work better than I did at my first try. 
    I felt excited to be doing something completely new it was a cool experience to have. I was very impressed by the whole thing. I'm glad I got to do this in class.

    Monday, October 21, 2013

    Mariela Guzman "Exterminate"

        My idea for the Altered Sign project came from a sci-fi T.V. show named Doctor Who. The Dalek is the Doctor’s greatest enemy and these ruthless aliens always say “Exterminate” to anyone that isn't them. I altered the sign that says “Construction Ahead” into it saying “Extermination Ahead”. Since not many people watch Doctor Who, I want the viewers to wonder what the figure in the middle is and make them interpret what it might be. Considering that this is the Xanos Museum of Guerrilla Art, I would love my artwork to be displayed not only in a gallery but also out on a street pole where it can be a mock of an actual street sign. 

    During the process of creating my artwork, I developed craft skills. During the art project, I learned how to create stencils properly and create bridges in the appropriate places. I created these stencils by using an x-acto knife. I did various stencils in which I also practiced on how to apply the paint properly. Instead of stroking the paint, we had to use small amounts of paint and sponge it down while carefully holding down the stencil. I learned that in order to achieve your artwork, you have to master knowing how to use art tools.  The making if my sign consisted of envisioning different ideas that would make my art successful. Creating thumbnails helped me to envision what Idea I thought would be best. I came up with various ideas, but I settled down on “Exterminate”. Overall, the making of my sign required me to engage 100 percent if I wanted it to turn out presentable.

    Rebeca delaTorre: Groovy Crossing

    Groovy Crossing
    My idea was to take a “Pedestrian Crossing” sign, and change it to make it look like the man in the sign was dancing under a disco ball. What I did to try to make it obvious was to take one of his arms and point it up with an index finger also pointing up to make it seem like he was dancing. The reaction I want is for people to get slightly confused at first. I tried making it look as similar as possible as I could to the real thing. Once they see the difference, I hope for them to get a kick out of it. I’d like to hang it somewhere in public since I tried making it look similar to the real thing.
                One habit I felt was really important was to engage and persist. As I was doing the actual final product, I felt that it was going smoothly at first. However, I did have certain issues that frustrated me. To persist, I adjusted a few things here and there and tried to change my initial idea a little bit. Another habit that I felt was important to me was to reflect. This was my first time doing an altered sign and I learned so much throughout the process. I wasn't that good at working with the stencils or the x-acto knife at first. I learned that I need a really steady hand and lots of patience.

                Overall, I am content with the finished sign. There is definitely room for improvement. I learned to work with new tools and techniques that I had ever worked with before. After all the work I put into this project, I hope to continue to work with stenciling and altering signs. It was an enjoyable experience overall. 

    Ricardo Bravo Avatar Hurricane Sign

    The name of my artwork is “Avatar Hurricane Sign.” I altered a Hurricane Ahead sign. The explanation behind my idea of altering this sign is based on an anime character which is from the anime “Avatar The Last Airbender.” The reason why I chose the hurricane sign was because the Avatar who went by the name Aang was an air bender and a hurricane is related with air which brings some sense to my altered sign. Also, the reason why I chose this idea was because I really like the anime character making me engaged to my artwork. The reaction I would like from people towards my artwork would be a humorous approach to the sign since the character has a cheerful face expression in my altered sign and the character is humorous himself in the anime. Also, I would like for people to have a relation reaction towards my artwork since the anime in which this character appears is well known. A place I would like for my altered sign to be displayed is by the school library. The reason why I would like it in the school library is because I always see them having on display Manga or anime related books in which I think the fact that my altered sign has an anime character in it would make it fit nicely.
                During the process of my altered stencil sign I experienced two habits of making art, developing craft and sketch & explore. During my process of developing craft I felt Enthusiastic since I had never made a stencil before and learning how to create one was exciting. Learning the way to color a stencil to make the figure or design come out was interesting how a base is needed then the detail after. As I began coloring my stencil I was frustrated at some point because the paint would come out of the edges, yet at the end I managed to use the technique properly. In my process of sketch and explore I had many ideas to what my stencil could have been for my altered sign. At the end I chose the hardest of my designs trying to do the avatar characters’ face in my design pushing myself for my first stencil. The difficulties I had were trying to get the paint applied properly but in the end I learned from my mistakes and noticed that all I needed was patience in applying my paint for my stencil. These were the two art habits that I experienced in my artwork, developing craft and sketch & explore.

    Jennifer Martinez "Unseen Alien"

    Unseen Alien

             My idea was to do a beware sign. I did an alien with “BEWARE” on top in red. When people see my sign I want them to feel nervous. I want them to actually believe it. My sign would look good if it was put on a lonely place. Just put on a tree or a pole. People might follow the sign and look around nervously.

    In the beginning, I didn't know anything. I had a very hard time understanding what the teacher was saying. This year was my first Art class. When she talked about the X-Acto knife and stencils I was very confused. Then she started showing us the stuff we were going to be using. I learned the right way to use a knife and to dab the sponge onto the stencil. In the end, my stencil wasn't exactly how I wanted it. It doesn't really bother me though because now I know how to do it next time. Since the paint went through I guess I have to hold the stencil down better. I also might have to be more careful when cutting the stencil, but other than that I think I did good.

    Marcus Haskins - Altered Stop Sign

    The idea for my altered stop sign came from me just wanting to be fun. It was something simple I thought everyone would be able to understand. I want people to react in a surprised way – leave them wondering like: “What is going on? What is this?” because usually a stop sign is used for stopping, except mine says “Can’t Stop Running” which is kind of changing it up a bit and telling people to go. A place where I would like to see this would probably be in Chicago, so I can pass by it every day.
    My experience with 2 of the habits while making this artwork was simple. I had to envision ad learn to develop craft, basically. In my envisioning process, I had to plan out what I was going to do, such as deciding how I was going to alter the stop sign, and what words or shapes would fit and make sense. In developing craft, being a bit lazy sometimes, it took me a minute to get in the habit of using the tools properly, putting them away, and even cleaning them. I felt like this was a good learning process, though.

    Cynthia Silva "Just Dance"

    My art piece, “Just dance”, represents my passion for dance my style.  My original sign was a stop sign, I kept the basic idea of the sign just altered to include my passion. I changed the font to a bubble letter type but with more sharp edges rather than round. The letters gave an urban style almost. I kept the word “Stop” and just added “and just dance”. I wanted it to be weird and unexpected to get people to laugh, I would like to post it somewhere random where people won’t it, and it could get them by surprise.
                    This art piece was picked from four thumbnails I had originally had made, after deciding a sign, I began my plan. I decided on a stop sign, and kept the basics of it just added a new phrase to it. I wanted to express my interest in dance and also an urban design to it. In my plan used a urban type of font which made it different, just as me. I later made it into a stencil and cut out the shape of a stop sign which is a octagon. Then I painted the octagon red and let that dry and began the stencil with a small sponge. After I finished my art piece I realized the type of font made it difficult for me to keep my lines clean. The fact that the font had sharp ends and curvy lines made it difficult to keep the lines clean. Even though the font made it difficult for me besides it being the first time I do this I think it expressed a part of me through the art piece.
                    After looking at my art piece I am glad with the way it turned out. Although there would be things I would change. If I were to do this again I would change the wording but keep the same concept. I would keep the same font even though it made it difficult for me because I think it made sense with what I was going for.  At the end I was happy with my project especially it being the first time I worked with stenciling.


    Moises Perez - Gotta Catch 'Em All!

    The idea for my final artwork derived mostly from my love of video games. The ones that I have loved since childhood tend to influence my artistic prospects the most. The initial idea of my artwork was to alter a circular road sign and tweak it so that it is more reminiscent of a Pokeball, that comes from the popular Pok√©mon franchise of games, trading cards, and TV shows. Although the original colors of the Pokeball were intended to be retained, they were changed in order to more closely resemble the default road sign. At the end, this caused me to realize that I had not planned out the artwork as well as I had thought I did, due to having used a “Do Not Enter” sign as my base.
    As a result of my poor planning, observers may get the wrong the wrong idea of the message my artwork may be conveying, even though I honestly did not have a real idea to begin with. Because of this poor planning, I feel as though my artwork was unsuccessful. Despite this, however, I would be very willing to display my artwork inside a toy or gaming store, in order to appeal to the other gamers of the community.
    My process involved really expressing something that is near and dear to me, through art. This project made me more willing to accept the shortcomings of my artwork. My art was not as successful as I would have wanted it to be, and due to time constraints, I was unable to improve upon my concept. Messing up this way taught me to plan my ideas a little more carefully so that my artwork can be more successful.

    Gotta Catch ‘Em All! Pokemon Y is AMAZING!

    Wednesday, October 16, 2013



    GUERRILLA students were inspired by street artists from around the world that alter road signs. Many artists create their own mock signs and install them in the street. Often, these altered signs are meant to be humorous. Although, sometimes a serious message is conveyed on the altered sign.  Of course, actually altering a street sign is illegal. We chose to create mock road signs. Students used the style of a sign (type set, silhouette image, composition, etc) to create a funny version.

    Students used stencils to create their text, images, and borders. Stenciling onto illustration boards, they tried to use the spirit of the road sign (to give direction) while expressing a message that is a little more fun.

    Here are some examples that we were inspired by: