Thursday, October 24, 2013

Erik Rojas "Ridding Deer" 5th

The sign I altered was the “slow down crossing deer’s ahead”. I altered this sign because I was going to use the same deer to make a riding deer sign. The idea for my altered street sign came up when I imagined a deer actually crossing the street on a bike, and I actually though that would be something funny to make. This sign is usually put on streets like in the middle of the forest. When people see my altered street sign I want them to have a fun reaction like a little laugh. I would like my sign to be displayed on a street that I s in the middle of the forest or woods because it would actually make sense than to see in the city. I made a simple bike under the deer to make it seemed like the deer is actually riding on it.
I probably had experience with more than two habits but ill actually just put two. The first one was Engage and Persist my experience with this was through the entire project because I was always engaged into doing a real good job. I didn't think I was going to do an OK job since I hate to draw. The second habit I had experience with was Develop craft.
Before I started the actual project I had to learn some key thing about stencils. I put a lot of time to the drawing on the stencil because I really wanted it to come out real good, but you actually never get what you want. I was done with the drawing part and then came the cutting. I was starting and then I realized I needed bridges it wasn't too late, but I did make a mistake. At the beginning I didn't think I was going to be able to draw the bike and the deer. It actually came out really good better than I expected. I was trying to express that the deer should have some fun too you know. When we were doing thumbnails I didn't have no idea of what to do so I looked at what everyone else was coming up with and then the light bulb whet on. 

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