Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ramon Zaragoza Altered Street Sign

To start with, every time were on the highway I’m looking around and see the road signs. I see the construction signs and see what are on them. I see the one with the guy and the shovel with a pile of dirt. As people pass through it, I want them to glance at it once, then look again and realize it as a different sign. I see them mostly around the expressways because there always on construction. Next, the habits I picked were “Develop Craft” and “Engage and Persist”. For develop craft I used it when I was cutting the stencils. The way I had to use the exacto knife. Which way I had to cut and how and how I had to turn the paper. For “Engage and Persist”, I was painting the stencils with the sponge. I kept getting paint under the stencil because I used too much paint. If not, then the stencil would lift up. In conclusion, I kept trying and held the stencil down the right way from the right spots where it should be held and finally did it right. 

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