Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Marvel Karina Nicole Arciga

My artist for my street sign was to make the “Marvel” logo. I really like superheroes so I wanted to make my sign reflect that I like superheroes. That is where I got the idea from. When people see my street sign, I want people to be surprised. I want them to remember about superheroes. I want them to look two times and to think about how superheroes impacted them and me especially as a child and even now how they impact us and how we see people can do good. Everyone can be seen as a superhero in different ways and in different actions.
            One of the habits that were really helpful to me was envisioning. Envisioning is mentally observing and imagining how my work is going to turn out. My planning was that, I made a few thumbnails in different shapes and sizes trying to figure out what I would do. I made my final plan so I could actually do it on my stencil. I really wanted my final piece to turn out different. Originally, I thought it would come out nicer than what it actually looks like. I wanted it to be bold and to stand out. I was envisioning it different but it came out weird.
            Another habit that I really helped me in my piece was express. Express is showing your feeling and an idea that you like. My idea that I was expressing was superheroes. I really like superheroes and I wanted people to remember superheroes. When I was little, I really liked them and looked up to them because of their abilities and how they helped other people. So I wanted to show off that idea of the heroes and how they impacted me and my life and I wanted to remind people of heroes by my work. 

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