Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"Mickey and Minnie Mouse" Gerardo DeLuna Jr.

           Artist statement
My idea for my altered street sign was about Mickey and Minnie Mouse,” crossing road” sign. I chose this idea because I would always see Mickey and Minnie Mouse on TV and they would always be holding hands walking crossing the street. I wanted to confuse the eye by people looking back at the sign and being surprise at what they see. I always like the show and would see all the shows on tv that’s how I got my idea. . How I want people to react to this sign is so that people know that there is a person crossing the street and so cars can be more careful. I think if it were in the streets some people would have a good laugh or at least a smile on their face when they see it and it would also remind them about their childhood. I developed express and develop craft because I was trying to express, to show a new way of a crossing road sign. I showed it by doing a Mickey and Minnie Mouse sign. Developed craft because I’ve never done a stencil paper before in that way. All the tools I used were something new to me like the x acto knife, the stencil paper. My over all experience to this project was fun, because it’s something new that I’ve never done before. In the future I will use this to make signs just for fun I’ll probably show people how to do them and my little sister too.

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