Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Guerrilla Curating

Students have been thinking about Guerrilla Curation. 

  • What exactly IS a Guerrilla/Street artist? Are there criteria we use to define one?
  •  How do Street/Guerrilla Artists curate their work?
  • Why are they putting artwork into our everyday world?
  • Where do these artists show their work for maximum impact? 
  • How does this affect the marketing of artwork, making a buck?
  • How much does market value on an artwork affect our definition of the artist who created it?
  • What do we think about street artists that have "crews" who help them create and install works? How do we compare this to age old practice of traditional artists and their apprentices? How little work should the "artist" be doing before we question their authenticity (if apprentices are doing most of the work).
  • What do we think about Guerrilla artists who appropriate other images/artworks and use them for their own work? How does this affect our definition of an artist?
  • What are our limits and criteria for knowing the difference between "artistic appropriation" and "copying". How do we reconcile this with the age old practice of appropriation by famous traditional artists?

  • Students watched Banksy's "Exit Through The Gift Shop", which addresses some of these same issues.
    They engaged in debates around these issues. Videos will be uploaded to show these amazing discussions.


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