Monday, October 21, 2013

Cynthia Silva "Just Dance"

My art piece, “Just dance”, represents my passion for dance my style.  My original sign was a stop sign, I kept the basic idea of the sign just altered to include my passion. I changed the font to a bubble letter type but with more sharp edges rather than round. The letters gave an urban style almost. I kept the word “Stop” and just added “and just dance”. I wanted it to be weird and unexpected to get people to laugh, I would like to post it somewhere random where people won’t it, and it could get them by surprise.
                This art piece was picked from four thumbnails I had originally had made, after deciding a sign, I began my plan. I decided on a stop sign, and kept the basics of it just added a new phrase to it. I wanted to express my interest in dance and also an urban design to it. In my plan used a urban type of font which made it different, just as me. I later made it into a stencil and cut out the shape of a stop sign which is a octagon. Then I painted the octagon red and let that dry and began the stencil with a small sponge. After I finished my art piece I realized the type of font made it difficult for me to keep my lines clean. The fact that the font had sharp ends and curvy lines made it difficult to keep the lines clean. Even though the font made it difficult for me besides it being the first time I do this I think it expressed a part of me through the art piece.
                After looking at my art piece I am glad with the way it turned out. Although there would be things I would change. If I were to do this again I would change the wording but keep the same concept. I would keep the same font even though it made it difficult for me because I think it made sense with what I was going for.  At the end I was happy with my project especially it being the first time I worked with stenciling.


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