Monday, October 21, 2013

Rebeca delaTorre: Groovy Crossing

Groovy Crossing
My idea was to take a “Pedestrian Crossing” sign, and change it to make it look like the man in the sign was dancing under a disco ball. What I did to try to make it obvious was to take one of his arms and point it up with an index finger also pointing up to make it seem like he was dancing. The reaction I want is for people to get slightly confused at first. I tried making it look as similar as possible as I could to the real thing. Once they see the difference, I hope for them to get a kick out of it. I’d like to hang it somewhere in public since I tried making it look similar to the real thing.
            One habit I felt was really important was to engage and persist. As I was doing the actual final product, I felt that it was going smoothly at first. However, I did have certain issues that frustrated me. To persist, I adjusted a few things here and there and tried to change my initial idea a little bit. Another habit that I felt was important to me was to reflect. This was my first time doing an altered sign and I learned so much throughout the process. I wasn't that good at working with the stencils or the x-acto knife at first. I learned that I need a really steady hand and lots of patience.

            Overall, I am content with the finished sign. There is definitely room for improvement. I learned to work with new tools and techniques that I had ever worked with before. After all the work I put into this project, I hope to continue to work with stenciling and altering signs. It was an enjoyable experience overall. 

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