Monday, October 21, 2013

Ricardo Bravo Avatar Hurricane Sign

The name of my artwork is “Avatar Hurricane Sign.” I altered a Hurricane Ahead sign. The explanation behind my idea of altering this sign is based on an anime character which is from the anime “Avatar The Last Airbender.” The reason why I chose the hurricane sign was because the Avatar who went by the name Aang was an air bender and a hurricane is related with air which brings some sense to my altered sign. Also, the reason why I chose this idea was because I really like the anime character making me engaged to my artwork. The reaction I would like from people towards my artwork would be a humorous approach to the sign since the character has a cheerful face expression in my altered sign and the character is humorous himself in the anime. Also, I would like for people to have a relation reaction towards my artwork since the anime in which this character appears is well known. A place I would like for my altered sign to be displayed is by the school library. The reason why I would like it in the school library is because I always see them having on display Manga or anime related books in which I think the fact that my altered sign has an anime character in it would make it fit nicely.
            During the process of my altered stencil sign I experienced two habits of making art, developing craft and sketch & explore. During my process of developing craft I felt Enthusiastic since I had never made a stencil before and learning how to create one was exciting. Learning the way to color a stencil to make the figure or design come out was interesting how a base is needed then the detail after. As I began coloring my stencil I was frustrated at some point because the paint would come out of the edges, yet at the end I managed to use the technique properly. In my process of sketch and explore I had many ideas to what my stencil could have been for my altered sign. At the end I chose the hardest of my designs trying to do the avatar characters’ face in my design pushing myself for my first stencil. The difficulties I had were trying to get the paint applied properly but in the end I learned from my mistakes and noticed that all I needed was patience in applying my paint for my stencil. These were the two art habits that I experienced in my artwork, developing craft and sketch & explore.

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