Friday, November 22, 2013

Postcard Art - Jennifer Martinez: Ancient

First, I looked at magazines and picked out several pictures. I cut them out and put tape all over the picture side. Next, we burnished the pictures. Then I filled a bucket with warm water. I put the taped pictures in there and let them soak. After like 20 or 15 minutes I took one of them out. I turned the picture so the taped side was on the bottom. I started rubbing off the paper so only the image would stay on the tape. Once in a while I had to wet it a bit so the paper wouldn't get dry. I did the same for all of the pictures I had taped. I then had to paint a note card to use it as the background for our images. Once that was done we picked the transfers that I wanted to use on the note card. After i had glued the pictures I had to make the images connect with the background.

I learned how to transfer a picture on to tape. Another I learned was how to make the background connect with the actual images. I did the connection by doing the squiggly lines. I think that helped out the pictures a lot. In the beginning I had only colored it with a light brown color pencil. It didn't really look like it went together so that's what made me decide to use a marker instead. Now it looks a bit better.

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