Monday, November 25, 2013

Postcard Art - Juan Ramirez "Assassin"

To create my piece I first started looking through different magazines searching for pictures I liked or caught my attention. After cutting out the images I placed tape over my pictures and dipped them into water, soaking the images for a few minutes. When I retrieved  my images from the bucket of water I started to peel off the picture from the tape. The image stayed on the tape so I got a plain white card and started adding designs and color to it. After I got my card the way I wanted it I added my images and made my card the way I liked it to look. I learned many new things that I liked about this project, especially seeing how the image stayed on the tape even after taking off the paper. How I created unity with my background and images is that I used dark colors and a dark theme to blend in with the picture of an assassin.

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