Thursday, February 20, 2014

Appropriated Artwork - "Robots" Emelin Diaz


     As I walked to the electronic room it was all dark then, I saw a lot of different computers turn on. They were in different types of shapes suddenly I saw the computers turn into robots. They were big and they were all source of bright colors they were moving in a straight line they had a heart on their chest popping out.

I heard there stomach rumbling and grumbling I then heard a love song coming out of their mouth which I saw hearts coming out of their ears. Then everything was quite and I heard the relaxing water of the ocean at the end of the long song.

I got a sweet smell coming in my nose I sniff and it smell like a pan of sugar on the stove filled with pure cane sugar slowly melting. It smelled like cotton candy.

All the bright robots were still singing making noises walking in a straight line I saw beautiful colors rising from the earth going through the clouds they were on top of a bouncy rainbow.

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