Friday, February 6, 2015

The Rise, The Fall (Yvette Luera, Isair Carmen, Yaritzel Molina)

The LTLYM assignment we chose was record somebody dancing. We made a small crown out of paper to represent power and the idea of being a "king" and the crushing of the crown is the realization that power isn't actually everything and being a "king" comes from self joy and not power. The assignment originally included a different song, but we chose to use this song because we liked the message the song expressed, and personally it was easier for me to use "wordplay" or follow the words rather than the beat of the song when dancing. We all related to this song because we felt as though almost everybody goes through a moment where they are clouded and become disillusioned with the idea that money, power, fame, or glory will bring them happiness when in reality joy can be found in the simpler things in life.

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