Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Karina Nicole Arciga - Sticker collection

My first message for my first sticker is that CPS BATHROOMS ARE DIRTY AND GROSS! Many people see my finished pieces and they ask why it is so graphic but I always say sometimes things have to be graphic so people can understand, and I want people to understand that CPS bathrooms are gross. The second sticker is on injustice on immigrants. The man is kind of faded if you notice you can't really see his face and I did that because people care about the food and the crops the immigrants work for but they don't care for the rights of an immigrant. My last sticker is on something I really care about and most of my art work that I do is on this topic. Schools Closing in Chicago. As we all know when Mayor Rahm Emmanuel was elected he decided it was "right" to close 53 CPS schools. From this moment, I have not supported anything he did or tries to do. He failed me as a Chicago citizen and I want him to realize people care. When schools close, it comes to destruction in an area and violence. We OBVIOUSLY DON'T NEED ANY MORE VIOLENCE. 

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