Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Roberto Calderon: Artist Statement

Roberto Calderon Art 1st 10/27/14 My tag consists of my initials and a soccer player. The letters are designed according to the stencil format that uses bridges and the image consists of a soccer player kicking a ball. My tag expresses my identity because my initials are a big part of me and they represent who I am. The soccer player also represents my identity because soccer is my favorite sport and I enjoy playing it and watching it. Also soccer involves teamwork and alot of thinking of when to make the right move which describes my personality. I want to show the world that a name means more than just letters and that you can play with the style in order to show who you are. When the viewer sees my tag I want them to understand that our names are a big part of our identities and that there should be no reason for hiding it or changing it.

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