Thursday, November 1, 2012

Announcing Guerrilla Art Class 2013!

We are an unusual class in a Chicago Public School. Our Multi-Media Art class has been adapted to create Guerrilla Artworks. Our goal is to be more than students making art projects. My students are functioning as artists in a collective who will make art that will be put out into the community. Community can be defined as school, neighborhood, city, other states, other countries, cyberspace even!

We create artwork that has specific messages that the students choose. Those messages may be personal, aesthetic, or about social justice. Finished artwork will be displayed into our every day world instead of a gallery space. This way, people moving through their daily lives have access to art at any moment. Viewers are confronted by art when they least expect it. People may see work posted at the grocers, local business, on the street, or even receive an artwork to keep.

We are hoping to engage viewers to not only view our work, but to also respond to the artwork through this blog. Students will regularly blog about their creative process and post images of completed pieces. Viewers are invited to find the artwork they see or receive and post their own comments and/or questions. We hope to create a conversation about art between viewers, blog followers, and the student guerrilla artists.

Please watch for our first project launch - 'Zines!

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