Sunday, November 25, 2012

Here Come The 'Zines!

So sorry for the delay...technical difficulties. However, those are being solved.

We have been creating all along... in fact are on our 3rd Guerrilla Art Action! Other art actions will follow soon after.
So stay tuned!


After the first Chicago Teachers Union Strike in over 20 years, CPS students wanted to know what it was all about. We had a lot of discussions in class about Public School Education issues. Students pointed out that during the strike the T.V. showed a lot of people talking; Mayor Emmanuel, parents, teachers, union, & CPS bosses... but few students. They felt disenfranchised.

So, I asked THE STUDENTS how they felt about their public school education.  What works? What doesn't? What do they see as problems? What do they think are the solutions? Students worked in groups to choose & address issues that mattered to them: smaller class sizes, standardized testing, length of day, resources & equipment, inequity, violence, student voice, and many more.  Students researched their issues for facts, statistics, information, solutions.

Then they created their 'Zines using the collage/cut & paste method. They used Chicago 'Zine culture as example and inspiration. 

The following images are sample pages from each student 'Zine. Copies of the 'Zines have been passed out to a school in Missouri & into the Chicago community where certain lucky people will keep a copy!

We hope that those of you that see the images and/or RECEIVE A 'Zine will:

  1. go to this blogsite (can use the QR code on back of 'Zine or the blogsite URL)
  2. find a sample page from the 'Zine you received
  3. read what the student artist wrote about their issue
  4. submit your own comment 
  5. please be respectful and supportive in your comments
  6. Tell others about it so they can see for themselves!

I want to say thank you to my former student (and amazing artist/advertiser) David Sanchez for designing our QR code sticker that will be attached to all of the artwork we put into the community.

Also a big thank you to my daughter Zoe Xanos (also an amazing artist & computer whiz) for changing the stickers and making them fit the current classes.

Thanks to The Art Institute of Chicago Teacher's Center for all the free copies!!!

Where would I be without such great people to help!

Here come the 'Zines!

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