Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Appropriated Art

Appropriated Art

How Are Artists Inspired?

Guerrilla students studied the history of appropriating other artist's images, styles or ideas. This is a long history going back to the beginning of civilization.  {insert images from history}

Street/Guerrilla Artists often use other artists or popular cultural references in their artwork. {insert street artist appropriation}

We went with this long tradition by studying how to take another artist's work and make it our own. It is important not to just copy, but to take and transform with our own ideas thereby adding our personal vision and voice. 

We researched artists and chose one that spoke to us personally. We then learned the process of making Tape Transfers of one of the artist's works. We cut up the "stolen" imagery and appropriated it into collage/drawings, transforming it into our own artwork. The layering of media was important to achieving a sense of depth and complexity for our aesthetics. 

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