Monday, December 10, 2012


Our Guerrilla classes are exploring Microworlds!

We studied Microworld artists, focusing on Slinkachu

One of Slinkachu's MicroWorld Installations
Microworld artists create miniature site-specific installations that tell a story. They may be humorous, or have a message. At any rate, they are a strange and fun way to use miniature toys to interact with the setting in order to convey an expression.

Our student-guerrilla artists had a great time exploring the construction of micro-installations indoors and creating improvisational narratives to go with them. 

It was interesting when we went out on a blustery, cold day to set up installations in our school courtyard. Student artists worked in groups. The new site helped dictate the setting and affected the story. Each group got to debrief with the rest of the class for feedback. 

Please visit each group's post. They have not only their story synopsis, but also their musings on their experiences creating the artwork. (Studio Habits of Mind, Lois Hetland)


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