Monday, December 10, 2012



  1. The Rescue:
    There was an English musician that had been captured by Germany because he had valuable information that they needed. When they figured that he was no longer needed, they dropped him in a huge cauldron like structure with rotted materials. It was basically a huge dump. All hope was lost in the poor Englishman.
    Around the 3rd day of being in there, he heard a helicopter and then saw it hover above. A couple of soldiers were there to save him. Some American, some UN soldiers. Unfortunately, the helicopter was shot down and they all were stranded. So when they were trying to secure the hostage, they were also trying to look for a way out.

    Since my previous story also had to do with a small enclosed place, I decided to use this place. Since I had a small English soldier playing an instrument, and everyone else was a normal soldier, I decided to make it a rescue mission type of thing. I had some soldiers trying to look like they were trying to climb out, and one of them is protecting the hostage in a safe looking place.

  2. WHAT a wonderful story inspired by not only the toys you chose, but by the natural setting you found in the courtyard (planter becomes the cauldron structure).