Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Appropriated Art Gallery

Appropriated Art
These artworks will be passed out as postcards at the Bezazian and Archer Heights Libraries.

Jonathon Aguilar  "Outcome"
Cecilia Banuelos "Hopelessness"

Raul Blancas "Shut It Off"

Johanna Calva "Life Is Full Of Surprises"

Lisette Carbajal "Autumn"

Jessica Cazares "Angel Versus Demons"

Yating Deng "A Lovely Day"

Carlos Espinoza "Heaven's Angel"

Mario Fox "Rainbow Swirl"

Alfredo Gomez "Dragons of Starry Night"

Lisa Huang "Lonely Lady in the Dark Night"

Stephon Jones "End of Days"

Jesus Macias "Looking at The Moon"

Izzi Mariche "Trapped"
Dan Moreno "My Innocence"

Luis Munoz "Hell's Door"

Natanael Nava "The Lonely Room"
Mariana Perez "Scared"

Mireya Perez "Ombre"

Karina Pina "On The Edge"

Erika Rodea "The Moon Tree"

Elizabeth Sandoval "Love"

Julian Torres "Bad Decisions"

Ivette Valadez "Pathway to Paradise"


  1. "the lonely room"
    I borrowed ideas from vincent van gogh because i liked how the image looked i just moved things around and colored in with deco color markers.
    What i was trying to express was a lonely room that no one lives in only some times a kid would sleep there but he likes to live with his mom more. The are work is about a family that has one child his parents are divorced. the boy just wonders in the street his dad is never around. The boy would rather be in his mom's house to sleep instead of his dad.

  2. Many of these pieces of art have really nice details. The colors and images mix in very well and makes the cut out images look even better.

  3. "Scared"

    I was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's artwork because a Starry Night is one of my favorite paintings and I wanted to incorporate it into my artwork but in a funny way. My intentions were to portray a Starry Night as the setting where my artwork was taking place I pictured it as a park late at night. I was trying to express a scary feeling that when the viewer looked at the artwork it could be easy to tell what is going on in the picture. My artwork is about a girl walking down the park when she encounters a very weird person who she thinks might hurt her so she runs and hides in back of tree. I tried to make it seem scary but funny at the same time.

  4. "Ombre"
    I was inspired and apropriated images by Nan Goldin because i loved he style of photography because it was simple but had allot of felling behind her pieces.
    what i was trying to convey in my piece is the feelig of everything falling back into place the felling of seing everything just be perfect after a long time of darkness witch is were the colors come in the gradual change of the darker blues and purples transitioning into a pinker more lighter color and the poem in my pice is by sid vicious to nancy spungen about his eterna love for her even after she was deciesed.

  5. Love
    I was inspired by Arnold Böcklin. I was trying to express a serene image to the viewer. Oposed to "The Isle of the Dead," my image isn't quite as lonely I have more of a variety in images. Like Arnold however, I too used soft colors.

  6. "Outcome" - Jonathan Aguilar

    I took images from Aaron Shikler because I really enjoy his work. I was trying to express the problems going through Kennedy's mind during his time of presidency. The Vietnam war being the biggest one. My art work is about the Vietnam war and what was really the outcome. The outcome as in what was going on and what we were doing. We basically deployed new soldiers and squadrons along with stealth bombers and tanks. In my opinion I believe we lost that war. That is just my opinion but it was an attempt on stoping communism from spreading. The Vietnam war was a great stress on JFK and the U.S. Thank you to all the great soldiers that fought in the Vietnam war.

  7. "Dragon of Starry Night"
    I was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh painting of "Starry Night". I liked the image of the mountain and town. The mountain looks scary and dark. I think the mountain and the town would be a great setting and the center of attention.
    What i was trying to express is that the town is being underattack by a dragon and to have a somewhat dark setting. The dragon destroys the town every 100 years and the town regrows.

  8. "My Innocence"

    My inspiration derived from Frida Kahlo’s “Girl with Death Mask”. In Kahlo’s painting, a girl with a skull as a head stands with a flower in her hands along side a mask. As I examined the painting I couldn't help but want to physically put the mask on the girl. It was as if the mask and girl were one. Due to my fascination of indigenous art and psychedelic images, I took the concept of “loss of innocence” and exaggerated it in a brutal way. The girl in my mind put on the mask and was torn apart by it while she traveled through scary psychedelic dimensions. The mask that was apart of her, inevitably lead to her demise.

  9. I was inspired by the painter Raphael, 16th century.I also got inspired by the negative mood in the original picture.
    I took Images from the google art gallery online. I took the original image and modified it into a more complex image with unexplanable colors.
    The story behind my painting is that the world went evil. Humans lost all respect in god and themselves. There were people killing people and slowly killing the enviroment. God, who was extremely upset sent them dark skies to frighten them. When that didnt work, he took away the beautiful flowers and green grass and replaced it with dry land and mountains. He sent his loyal angel, Michael to make them change heart. But the humans refused to change and decided to go to war. God sent Michael to earth with a spear and gear to protect himslef. God opened the ground and red flames came up, slowly Michael defeated each one of the humans and threw them into the opened groud. People cried and shouted but it was too late to make god change his mind.

  10. "Pathway to Paradise"

    For my appropriated art, I borrowed some ideas from Lueng Kui-ting's art work, Internet. I also came across an image in a magazine that would work great on my artwork. The two people walking toward the forest were told that paradise could be found, but it could be a rumor or it may not be.Only the poeple who risk it know the truth. I was trying to express a sence of suspense and risk.

  11. "Hopelessness"

    I was inspired by Salvador Dali's melting clocks painting. I thought that it was so inspirational how he was able to create this image that depicts time melting away and getting away from our hands. We cannot control time and he shows that in his painting. I was so inspired by that idea that I echoed his paiting but in my own way. I drew in more clocks, clocks that are not melting, to show how sometimes we have valuable time that eventually we literally let go of and we don't awknowledge the fact that we cannot get it back. I tried to give the clocks extreme emphasis and that is why I highlighted the outer area of them. I wanted to really show in an obvious way what Salvador Dali wanted us to see with his painting.

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  13. Lonely Lady in the Dark Night
    I was inspired by Vincent van Gogh because the way that he created the artwork of starry starry night reminds me of the village that I used to live in. The dark night reminds me of moon festival that our family would look out into the dark sky for full moon because that was the day that families should get together happily.
    Once upon a time, there was a lady called Ms.Molly and she had three kids. She also had a dog and a cat to stay with her. Her boyfriend left her after her last baby was born. She loved him a lot, however he promised to come back to visit her, but he never did. She wanted to go back to her hometown to visit her parents, but she was afraid. She used to tell her parents that she would marry soon, but she didn't.
    In a dark pretty night, Ms.Molly brought her kids and pets to the park, which closes to the mountains to see her own hometown. She told her kids that they would be staying in their place for a long period of time and wouldn't be visiting her hometown any sooner. This park is very peaceful, but she didn't have any mood to enjoy. They stayed a little while and went home. It was a cold night.
    Finally, Ms.Molly's son pulled her and wanted to go home badly because he was cold and sleepy. They wanted to see their dad, but didn't know if he would be back ever again. Luckily, they still have the love and care for their mom. They said they love their mom and will be with her even though her dad was gone. They promised to protect her mom forever.

  14. The Moon Tree

    I was inspired in Two Men Contemplating The Moon by Caspar David Friedrich I try to express the unseen part of the moon that we never stop to observe the moon and how interesting it can be. My art work is about a tree that grows in the moon as when you are in the forest and see when the moon is hiding in the horizon.

  15. America's Hate

    I was inspired by the artist Ai Wei Wei. I took images from Ai WeiWei peace, "Study of Perspective - Hong Kong". I borrowed ideas from the Election campaign for President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney. It seemed to be very popular around the time I made the art. I appropriated the style of Ai WeiWei. Many people showed a lot of doubt in President Obama. But one anti-Obama activist in particular made a painting symbolizing President Obama's many mistakes as our president. I was expressing my frustration towards all the people who really doesn't give our president a chance. My work was just to show that I disagree with anyone who thought that Gov. Mitt Romney should be president.

  16. Bad Decisions

    I was inspired by the picture which protrayed a heartfelt image of nature and the great plains of America. The image really showed how america has changed in so many aspects. I actually stumbled upon this image while on google and it's eye catching scenery is what hooked me in. I borrowed ideas from history class with mr.parker during junior year. He was big on nature and being green so in a way his way of thinking kind of inspired me to create this piece. A piece where people are forced to look upon themselves and for a second look at how far we have been disconnected from nature. I used some symbolism in this piece but i added text because i realized that my piece was a bit too abstract for some viewers, and that was definitely not what i was trying to go for. I wanted a kinda "simply" feel and i hope i executed it well with my piece "Bad Decisions"

  17. "Shut it Off"

    I took images from the French photographer, Gustave Le Gray and a Game Informer magazine. What I was trying to express was how easily wars can be started. Whether it's from some type of misfire or someone accidentally crossing a border or blockade that they weren't supposed to. I think that some wars are just started for silly reasons. Not just wars between countries, but wars between people, gangs, and just every single type of war there is.

  18. "On The Edge" by Karina Pina
    The artist who sparked the idea and gave me the inspiration to develop and create this piece was Mikhail Vrubel. With the use of her male 'demon', I altered it to fit the idea I wanted to interpret using him and only him.
    The way her 'demon' piece stood as the main focus, surrounded by sharp figured 3-D glass pieces, made me think of a person on the edge, like of a hill where you can find peace and serenity. The demon she created looked so confused and lost to me. Even the posture of his body made the idea of this confusion more believable, making it fit into my idea even more. However, the intentions I had in using him was to create a person who was on the edge like of a hill top next to a blossom tree, who was lost and confused between a decision which would determine his life forever. A boy who in reality was a
    ---> (monk) in love with a girl. The decision was mainly about deciding to live amongst the rest of the monks where he was destined to be or go with the one he loved and start a real life he was use to living.
    Further and deeper into the meaning, I wanted to express the confusion every teenager has whether it is with love, problems, family, school, everyone once in a while feels like they are on the edge. So this was the best way to describe it. However, in my piece if you look above the blossom tree you see a cloud opening up and a hand stretching out from inside it trying to hand him the answer to his question. To me I wanted to interpret god, because whenever I'm confused I might not see him but I always ask him for help and one way or another I feel like he is helping me find an answer my unwinding the confusing thoughts in my head and making them clearer for me like he is doing in the boys brain. Sometimes people have there one and only true friend or person they can go to and find an answer to their own confusions. In a way my piece shows a problem with a solution to it.