Monday, December 10, 2012



  1. Cartoon World vs. Soldiers

    Cartoon world is in a war with the human soldiers. The soldiers have taken two of the "cartoon" characters which are babies. They too the babies because they thought that they looked more human than cartoons. The soldiers decided that they wouldn't let the cartoons get anywhere near the babies so they decided to built a trench around the babies. The babies are protected by dinosaurs. Te dinosaurs are not dangerous at all but they are protecting the babies from the cartoons.
    Cartoon world won't give up and the leader who is on a frog will lead them to the trench where the soldiers have the babies. The cartoons are very wise and they have tiny Mickey Mouse on the look out for the soldiers getting closer to them. The war that they are in will not end until the cartoons achieve their purpose of getting back their "cartoon" babies. But the soldiers also don't want to give up because they feel that cartoon world is dangerous and they have kidnapped the babies.

  2. Developing Craft

    This experience was different. I had a lot of fun with the toys because they made me think critically about how they would create the story that we wanted others to envisoin. As we were outside, I think that it was easier to create the setting that we wanted. When we were in the classroom we were having more of a difficulty creating the open space, war area that we wanted. I think that freedom of having props from the environment made it much more interesting becuase I think that when you look at the installation it does look like a war sight.
    The one major difficult task was incorporating the limited amount of cartoon characters that we had. I think that if we would have had more cartoon characters then it would be easier to develop the cartoon world a bit more. I thought of actually putting some of the toys as fighting hand on hand but we had limited amount of cartoon characters.

    1. Such good insight and detail about your creative process! Instead of being upset at a setting change, you saw it as freedom!

  3. My experience for this activity was overall good. The only difficulties i had was figuring out a story for the characters. My group had unusual characters. We had weird colorful cartoons, dinosaurs, a baby and soldiers. We had to be very creative figuring out a story. Sooner or later we finally created a story. It was fun for me because i have never done an activity like this, this was something new for me.

  4. using unusual toys was a very interesting experience to me because i've never done anything like this before. It was a fun experience because we had to make up a story with the toys we had and at first it was hard. But as we placed the toys done we kind of figured out what our story was goin to be out. I had a good experience with this activity and i enjoyed it a lot.

  5. My experience was different but fun. It was a very interesting activity to work with unusual media. I've never done anything like this before. This was definitely something new and fun to work with. I had fun working with my group in the cold trying to create a story based on the cartoon toys we had. It was difficult but overall we came up with a pretty good story. I had a good and interesting experience with this activity.